Molten Core Heroic Boss Guides - Garr, Baron Geddon, Majordomo

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Update 11:06 PM EDT: Bane of Doom killing Majordomo and skipping the Ragnaros phase is now confirmed as a bug. (Source) (Discuss)

Molten Core Heroic Boss Guides

Need some help with Molten Core on Heroic difficulty? We've compiled some decks to help you out! The decks used for Heroic Difficulty can also be used on Normal difficulty with similar strategies.

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Garr Heroic

View the Garr Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Garr has 45 Health on Heroic.
  • His hero power deals 1 damage to all minions and will be cast at the start of his turn.
  • The fight revolves around the Firesworn minion.
    • He will start off with a board filled with these 5 health killers.
    • He can summon more of them through Rock Out.
  • Don't kill multiple Fireswarn on one turn. Use damage and healing to stagger their deaths.

We've got some decks below to help you in the Garr Fight.

Baron Geddon Heroic

View the Baron Geddon Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Baron has 50 Health and 50 Armor on Heroic. Alexstrasza is quite viable on this fight.
  • His hero power will deal 10 damage to you if you haven't spent all your mana on your turn.

We've got some decks below to help you in the Baron Geddon fight.

Majordomo Executus Heroic

View the Majordomo Executus Boss Guide - View All Decks for this Boss

  • Majordomo has 30 Health and 15 Armor on Heroic. When he summons Ragnaros, he has 30 Health and 30 Armor.
  • His hero power will summon a 3/3 Flamewaker Acolyte for 2 Mana. You'll need to deal with one of these almost every turn.
  • Ragnaros' Hero Power will send out two 8 damage bolts which randomly hit your characters.
  • You're going to hate Molten Giant, he has a ton of them.
    • You want to finish off Majordomo while having superior board control and him being at around 15 Health so he doesn't summon a ton of free molten giants.
  • Kel'Thuzad is super valuable during this fight so you can trade efficiently.

We've got some decks below to help you in the Majordomo Executus Fight.



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