Hearthstone Mercenaries: Best Mercenaries Teams Tier List in PvP - Official Blizzard List!

Hearthstone Mercenaries: Best Mercenaries Tier List in PvP - Official Blizzard List!

Players have speculated about the best mercenaries teams in Hearthstone Mercenaries PvP, and now Blizzard has weighed in with official data. They gave us a list of the best mercenaries in the Top 5% MMR, vs-AI games excluded!. So this is the list of the best mercenaries when played by humans against humans. We also added a section with the best Hearthstone Mercenaries Teams! Blizzard noted that the Meta is evolving and that this is for current reference only! Let's dive right in!

Mercenaries with a higher then 50% winrate

The main division is self explanatory. The sub division might need a little info however. These are the best hearthstone mercenaries in PvP ranked from S-Tier (usually indicated as Super Tier, the Mercenaries that are beyond even the usually good Mercenaries) down to C-Tier which we have to assume is the range slightly above 50%.


Only 1 Mercenary here and it might not be who you expected. It makes some sense however. There are a lot of Caster Mercenaries high in the Tiers, which means a good Fighter has plenty of opportunity. Combine this with his excellent skill set and you have a winning combination making Tavish Stormpike the best Mercenary in Hearthstone Mercenaries PvP at the moment.


A common thread for the Mercenaries in this Tier is Speed manipulation. Many of them influence Speed in some way, either speeding your Party up, or slowing the other Party down. You can put Freeze in that category too, since it makes opponents just skip their turn. The others are part of the Fire damage comp, which has proven very powerful.


This is a mish-mash of Mercenaries, some supporting Mercenaries for popular builds like Shadow comp (Natalie Seline & Lich King) and the top Mercenaries for other comps, like Nature comp (Malfurion) and just overal good Mercenaries in PvP.


These Mercenaries are the group slightly above 50% winrate. Just a group of good solid PvP Mercenaries.

Mercenaries with a lower then 50% winrate

The Tiers here go from just under 50% to low winrate. We do not know how low winrate because Blizzard gave no range on any of this. Just assume that Mercenaries in the G-tier have very low winrates in PvP.


None of these Mercenaries have a positive Winrate, which doesn't mean they are bad, just that they are currently not part of winning strategies. And that includes Blademaster Samuro, Xyrella and most of the Orc comp, who have simply been countered out of the winning Meta.


These Mercenaries are the bad Mercs of strategies that don't work at the moment. They also notably include 2 very slow but powerful Mercenaries in Tirion and Gul'dan. With Speed being the name of the game at the top of the Tiers, slow Mercs fall behind, no matter how powerful their abilities when they do manage to go off.

F-Tier and G-Tier

We are combining the last 2 Tiers, because they share a common thread: They are the starter Mercenaries, excluding Blademaster Samuro and Xyrella. Now, you can be cynical and say that Blizzard put the worst Mercs as the free ones, but there is a far more compelling case to be made. These Mercs are who everyone starts with, and likely who most people will play with and level first. They will be the first they head into PvP with, since they are the highest leveled and most familiar Mercs people have.

And then they get flattened at high MMR by synergistic comps.

So part of the reason these Mercs are low is because they are not great Mercs, but you can bet that the larger part of the equation is that these are the Mercs everyone starts with and loses with before switching to comps that work well together.



Data Source: Tian Ding, Hearthstone Scientist at Blizzard.

Best Hearthstone Mercenaries Team Comps

Tian Ding also tweeted about the best Hearthstone Mercenaries Team Comps in PvP.




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