Patch 21.4.3 - Hotfixes to Legend Ranks Ratings - Casual Quests & Mercenaries Bugs

Patch 21.4.3 - Hotfixes to Legend Ranks Ratings - Casual Mode Quests & Mercenaries Bugs

Blizzard is rolling out a patch as we speak that fixes the things mentioned below. There's also another patch coming within the next week!

EDIT: Blizzard made a correction: "Update: correction to the bug fix regarding Southsea Scoundrel."

Quote from Blizzard
We are in the process of deploying a hotfix patch (patch 21.4.3) that includes the following updates:

• Fixed a bug affecting Ranked Legend external ratings (internal ratings were not affected by the bug).
• Fixed a bug causing Daily and Weekly Quests to be unable to be completed in Casual mode.
• Fixed a bug preventing the Bloodsail Deckhand discount from carrying over after a Celestial Alignment was played. Now, if you play Bloodsail Deckhand and then either player plays Celestial Alignment, the first weapon you play will cost 0.
• Fixed a bug where Southsea Scoundrel did not count as a Battlecry effect.
• Fixed a bug that blocked a small number of players from entering the Mercenaries mode using specific devices.
• Fixed certain Mercenaries Tasks that could not be completed as written: King Mukla’s Task 9; Cairne Bloodhoof’s Task 2; Antonidas’s Task 3; and Baron Geddon’s Task 10.
• Fixed a bug where dealing Critical Damage to Jaina prevented her Ice Block Talisman 4 from triggering.
• Increased the spawn rate of Furlbogs in the Winterspring area.

We will continue to monitor, investigate, and heal-up the remaining issues, including through another client patch expected to go out within the next week. We will continue to share updates in this post.



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