Hearthstone Mercenaries: Lunaloveee PvP Tier List - The Most OP Mercenary

Hearthstone Mercenaries: Lunaloveee PvP Tier List - The Most OP Mercenary

At the end of the first week we have Lunaloveee's PvP Tier List, quite possibly the most OP Hearthstone Mercenary and some questions for you!

Lunaloveee PvP Tier List

We already brought you Thijs' Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List last week, but Americas Hearthstone Grandmaster Lunaloveee came out with her best Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List and it is markedly different, most likely shaped by a changed Meta that is slowly getting figured out and by her interactions with other top 50 players at above ~7500 rating in Americas.

Lunaloveee Tier list. Click for larger version!

Lunaloveee PvP Tier List

The Most OP Mercenary?

The top end of Lunaloveee's Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List seems to revolve around Mercenaries that either increase or decrease Speed. The concept of Speed Cheating, much like Mana Cheating in constructed, is very powerful because it lets you do things before your opponent has a chance to do things. And when your can act before your opponent does, his Mercs usually die. Which brings us to Cairne Bloodhoof.

Cairne's ability to speed everything up for your whole Party with his ability Endurance Aura 5 is incredibly strong, which lead Lunaloveee to comment that Cairne Bloodhoof was probably the most OP Hearthstone Mercenary. She also commented that his inclusion in basically every high level Party means it sort of turns into a coin-flip simulator with whoever gets their Endurance Aura to go off first, winning the game.

One Week In - Questions

At the end of the first week, we'd love to know your thoughts on Hearthstone Mercenaries, since the game mode was under fire in parts of the community, but seems to have had people play it a lot too once it was launched and people could play it for themselves.

Is it fun?

Pretty simple question, but sometimes simple questions have lengthy and complicated answers.

PvE or PvP?

We've found that there seems to be a divide in the Mercs community between players that play it for PvE and players that play it for PvP. This is new territory for Hearthstone since usually there's only 1 particular way to play an activity. What side are you on?

Love the Grind or Hate the Grind?

Hearthstone Mercenaries introduces the grind to the game, where you are expected to play certain Bounties a bunch of times to gather resources or to complete Tasks. Some people love to just spend an hour running the same Bounty a bunch of times and to see their work rewarded with real progress. That's not for everyone, as some people would prefer to just get the Mercs from the start and all done and just make the choices and do the Bounties as challenges. So, love the Grind or hate it?

Who starts your Party?

Everyone that plays Hearthstone Mercenaries has a favorite Mercenary. The one that you put in your Party first and then figure out the rest. So who starts your Party? Who's your favorite Mercenary so far?

Which Mercenary would you add to the game?

A lot of the Mercenaries in the game are known lore characters, and a bunch of them are the new Mercenaries we were introduced to this year as part of the Year of the Gryphon in Constructed. But, obviously more Mercenaries will be introduced, so who would you like them to add? It could be a lore figure, a minor NPC elevated to a major role, or just a set of abilities with a to-be-decided name. So who would you add?



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