Deck Spotlight: Midrange Hunter, Card Design Competition #11, Sylvanas Lore Spotlight

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Deck Spotlight: Midrange Hunter

Our resident Hunter deck master Sparkaz brings us an updated Midrange Hunter deck, one which is going to see the addition of some Blackrock Mountain Dragons!

The deck was created by combining the strengths of Spark's Snake Bite and Death Trap, and then seeing how it could be upgraded via the new Blackrock Mountain cards. Spark wants to update the deck by making the following changes:

At just under 3,000 dust, most of which gets eaten up by Dr. Boom, this deck is extremely affordable for any Hearthstone player. Head on over to the deck guide to learn more about this great deck, especially to learn about the Blackrock Mountain card replacements, or check out the deck below to start crafting right away.

[Spark] Beast Master (S13 + TGT Update)
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Card Design Competition #11 - Deck & Hand Interactions

Our eleventh card design competition is well underway over on the fan creations forum, and our topic this week is Deck & Hand Interactions.

If you'd like to enter for your chance at a sweet avatar border, your card must contain the word Deck and/or Hand in the card effect text, and can be any class, any mana cost, and any card type. A couple of examples of cards currently in the game that fit the theme are:

You have until Midnight GMT on Wed 8th April (4pm Pacific Time on Tues 7th) to submit your entries over in the submission thread, and while you're there, go vote on your favourites. Good luck to all who enter, and if you'd like you discuss the entries, you can do so in the discussion thread. Remember, only one card entry per person.

Sylvanas Lore Spotlight

Get to learn more about Sylvanas' history with a video from our friends at Gamepedia! Check it out below.

Amaz in Hearthstone!

When he isn't topping view counts on Twitch, or playing in every tournament possible, one of our beloved Hearthstone community members, Amaz, is recording voices for some of Hearthstone's new cards.

The Blizzard Taiwan YouTube channel uploaded a video of Amaz giving his voice to the Chinese translation of the game for Imp Gang Boss, Axe Flinger, and Steamwheedle Sniper. Check out the video below to listen to the card voices and him answering a couple of questions.



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