Mysteries of Stormwind - New Card Back Puzzle!

Mysteries of Stormwind - New Card Back Puzzle!

After the Mysteries of the Phoenix from last expansion, there is now the Mysteries of Stormwind, an involved puzzle that will eventually give you a card back!

The People Who Are Solving it.

First of all, none of this would have been possible without the awesome community at the WoW Secret Finding discord. They put their resources together, made Google sheets and discussed plans to solve all this.

You can join their community and help out with this secret and many others, right here: or find them on their twitter account, over here:

What do we know?

There are 2 Achievement steps tied to this, and each step will likely be a Puzzle to solve.

Puzzle 1: The Portals Puzzle

The start of puzzle 1 was figured out fairly swiftly based on clues on the achievement: Burn My Sight. The rest of the solution was first done by user Windjammer and the map displayed below was made by user Jay8Kay.

  • Create a Wild format Druid deck with Moonfire and Oracle of Elune in it. Just add some draw and some removal, doesn't matter too much.
  • Go into Solo Adventure mode with this deck and play on Normal. It does not matter who you challenge.
  • Find Moonfire and Oracle in your deck and get them ready in hand.
  • In one turn, ONLY do this: Play Oracle of Elune and hit her with a Moonfire. Do nothing else in this turn.
  • You should now automatically enter a puzzle!

Portals Puzzle Start

From this point you need to hit specific portals with your active minion and occasionally switch sides to do that by using the "Hero Power" button. Just follow the red line on the map and use the hero power to turn the puzzle to hit the correct portals when applicable. The goal is to get every portal to 1 health at some point during the journey through it all. The solution is as follows:

If you would rather have a written out solution.

You can try the solution posted in this pastebin here. The solution was not tested by us personally but it was confirmed to work on the Secret Finding Discord!

Puzzle 2: The Tribes Puzzle

The start of Puzzle 2 was hinted at when you complete Puzzle 1, which ends with Ysera the Dreamer getting hit with Lunar Eclipse. You do NOT have to complete that step in 1 turn. You can play Ysera one turn and Lunar the next. Just make sure Ysera survives, obviously.

  • Build a Druid deck with Ysera the Dreamer (that's the one from the Core set which everyone has) and 2x Lunar Eclipse. You only need 1, but more means finding it on time.
  • Fill the rest of your deck with solid Druid cards. Some ramp and some removal and some card draw all help.
  • Go into Solo Adventure mode with this deck and play on Normal. It does not matter who you challenge.
  • Find Ysera the Dreamer and Lunar Eclipse in your deck and get them ready in hand.
  • Play Ysera and then hit her with a Lunar Eclipse. Again, this does NOT have to be in the same turn.
  • You should now automatically enter a puzzle!

The puzzle you are faced with will look something like the following image:

Tribes Puzzle Start

What you have here is a board full of different Tribal minions. Everyone's board will look different! What they all have in common is that there are 2 Tribal Minions flanking a Minion with ? on it at the player's side of the board. You will also notice you have a hand full of cards related to Tribes. Every Tribe it's own designated card. These are Twinspell cards so they do not move in your hand when you use them.

The Tribe cards all correspond to a NUMBER, in the same order as they are in your hand, going left to right from 1 through 9 and 0 at the end as the last card. To write it out:

  • 1 = Demons
  • 2 = Mechs
  • 3 = Elementals
  • 4 = Beasts
  • 5 = Pirates
  • 6 = Dragons
  • 7 = Quilboar
  • 8 = Totem
  • 9 = All (this means literally Minions with the "All" Tribal marking, aka Amalgams)
  • 0 = Murloc

The Solution to Phase 1

The goal in Phase 1 is to use the cards you have to input numbers on the ? Minion on your side of the board, by "buffing" it. These need to be specific numbers though or the puzzle will reset and all the minions, except the ? will change. Make sure to follow the following strictly or you will have to do it over again from the top.

  • The minions to the left and right of your "?" minion are also on the opponent's side of the board.
  • Find them there and take note of these 2 minions and every minion between them. These are the only minions you need for this phase.
  • Now, take note of the TRIBE of the minions you need to use. Use the Tribe numbers above to count up the sum of the minions.
  • As an example: The picture used above shows a Murloc to the left of the ? minion and a Beast to the right. When looked at the opponent board we can see those 2 minions with an All Tribe minion in between. If we take the sum of Murloc (0) and Beast (4) and All (9) we get the number 13.
  • We should have arrived at a number. We take only the final digit of this number. This number then gets used with the Tribe Numbers above and thus with the cards in your hand to "buff" the ? Minion. So, like in our example above the number was 13, so we take the final digit, 3, and use that card, which means the Elemental Card, and use it to buff our ? Minion.
  • Our ? Minion now will have transformed to a Minion of the Tribe we gave it.
  • Next up we look back to the same Minions on our opponent's board but now instead of counting up the number of the Tribe we are going to take the sum of the Health of those minions. This will give us a number again. We use only the final 3 digits of this, but in reverse order.
  • As an example: the picture above shows the health values we need as 143, 66 and 369. Together that makes 578. We use these in reverse order! So the Number we need is actually 875.
  • Now we have the number in reverse order we input the number by buffing our minion that used to be ? with the corresponding cards. So, like in our example the cards would be 8 (Totem) 7 (Quilboar) 5 (Pirate).
  • Our ? Minion now will have transformed to a Tribal Minion with a Health value.
  • Next up we repeat the process but for Attack. We look at the relevant minions on our opponet's board again, take the sum of all the Attack values, and from the total we get we use only the final 3 digits, but in reverse order.
  • As an example: the picture above shows the Attack values to be 871, 514 and 158. Together that makes 1543. We only need the final 3 digits, so 543, but in reverse order, so 345.
  • Now we have the number in reverse order we input the number by buffing our minion that used to be ? with the corresponding cards. So, like in our example the cards would be 3 (Elemental) 4 (Beast) 5 (Pirate).
  • If you did things correctly the puzzle will change to give you a set of new opponent minions that will be different for everyone but it will also give you a new ? Minion, flanked by a Chronobreaker Dragon on the left and a Buccaneer on the right of it, just like in the image below. If you get anything else, you did the input of your steps wrong and you need to start from the top!

Tribes Puzzle Second Phase Start

the Solution to the Second Phase

Fortunately you have now done the hard part. You should understand how the puzzle works and all that is left is to use the same method as above to input numbers, with the added benefit of not having to do math to get the numbers, because we simply have a list. As you might guess it was not supposed to be all this easy, but some clever, dubious people figured out a way to get information they weren't supposed to have.

  • As before, the numbers correspond with the cards in your hand, so number 1 means the first card on the left and number 0 means the last card in your hand all the way on the right side. Use the card to buff the ? Minion on your side.
  • Input the following numbers carefully:
  • A.) 2913997
  • B.) 7605218
  • C.) 2372358
  • D.) 6190849
  • E.) 8747787
  • Once you enter the final card you will "kill" your opponent and see the achievement text pop on the bottom left of your screen.

Claim your Prize.

All that's left is to claim the prize. Go to your Achievement section and find the achievement and click it. You will then get the pop up with the card back and some hard earned Reward track xp.


Card Back


Thanks to Celestalon and the Hearthstone team for making the Puzzles and the Secretfinding community on Discord for helping to find the solutions to all this. We hope you have enjoyed these solutions and will see you next time there is a cool Mysterie!



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