Fireside Gatherings Live - Enjoy Your Early Pack Openings!

Fireside Gatherings Live - Enjoy Your Early Pack Openings!

Even though this reveal season has been difficult and there has been little fanfare about events we have come to expect, like Theorycrafting Streams and such, one of the other usual events is now live: The Fireside Gathering Early Pack Opening!

A way for you to already open your packs you have pre-ordered and get a look at your new collection. You are limited to packs you got from the pre-order bundles, and you cannot get extra packs with gold. That will have to wait until the actual launch.

So how does this work?

  • Go to:
  • This is the official Blizzard site for creating Fireside Gatherings.
  • On this page create a Fireside Gathering at your location and at a time at least 1 hour into the future.
  • You can only create a Fireside Gathering for yourself, and only you can attend yours. NO public Fireside Gatherings yet due to Covid 19.
  • Once the time for your personal Fireside Gathering arrives, just log in to your Region with the packs, and you will automatically be taken to the Fireside Gathering section that is now active.
  • You can stay in the section and use the Fireside Gathering specific Brawls and games, OR if you want to open your packs, just return to your main screen and go to the Pack Opening section of the game.
  • Open Packs! As many or as few as you want. Be aware though, Class specific Packs (from Book of Heroes for instance) will NOT have cards from the new expansion yet. You will need to open those on Launch Day to get the United in Stormwind Cards from them.
  • If you are looking for specific cards or want to know what you might be getting, use our United in Stormwind Card List to see the details!
  • When you are done you can just leave or play the game as normal.
  • We do not know until what time and date the Fireside Gathering will run, but usually it runs until Monday Morning. There's no guarantees though in these crazy times!

Fireside Gathering

Pack Opening United in Stormwind



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