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Top 3 Duels Moments of the Week

Welcome to Top 3 Duels Moments of the Week! Because of how crazy Duels can be with all of its treasures, people experience a lot of crazy once-in-a-lifetime moments. Here, ANYONE can share some of their favorite experiences from their Duels games.


3: To Die By Fire Eye


When Mordresh Fire Eye’s effect goes off, it’s power rivals that of even above average treasures. When Magesa only had to pay half its cost with Scepter of Summoning, it became wildly unfair. Slap on a ton of keywords with Gnomish Army Knife, and it turns into a massive game-ending juggernaut.

2: The Original Lord of Turtling


Mal'Ganis’s voice line meme is hard to forget, and it applies to dragonsdemesne’s opponent more than ever before. Not only does Ancient Reflections fill their board with minions that keep their hero Immune, they also collectively give each other +12/+12. Kresh, Lord of Turtling? Nah, this is what REAL turtling looks like!

1: The Jaws of Defeat

Our story begins with Sammenstilling, a noble Druid who wandered the forest seeking a worthy opponent. Suddenly, a Paladin and his army of legendary soldiers attacked. Our hero called upon the forest for aid, and a hoard of Greyboughs lended their assistance. The Paladin bore his mighty Jaws, which grew stronger with each fallen Greybough. They eventually became big enough to kill 6 opponents at once!

While these trees continuously support each other, the enemy was only biding time until the Druid fell to fatigue. Only the Great Gluttonous Ooze could turn the tides. However, Keymaster Alabaster bestowed a Naturalize upon our foe and was used to burn the Ooze. Sammenstilling was too fatigued to carry on, meeting defeat in quite an interesting battle.

Thank you Magesadragonsdemesne and Sammenstilling for your submission!

If you’re a fan of Duels, or even if you just play it casually, feel free to take a screenshot of your amazing moment and send it to us. We plan to share the best ones every week, so don’t be afraid to share if you have something unique you’ve experienced.

Submit your entry by clicking the link below. In the message, include a link to your uploaded screenshot(s) as well as a brief description of the situation so that it can be accurately explained in the article.

You can use to upload your screenshot, and you don't even have to have an account to do it. Once you go to, and click on "New Post" in the top left corner. From there, select the file you want to submit. Once the upload is finished, there will be a button that says "Copy link" in the top right of the image. Then you just need to paste it in the message you send as your submission.

Thank you and good luck in all your future Duels!



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