Book of Heroes: Malfurion - Druid


Book of Heroes: Malfurion - Druid

It's a new chapter in the Book of Heroes, with Malfurion, the Druid.

This next chapter is now LIVE.

The reward for completing the chapter is 1 pack containing only Druid cards from Standard.

Quote from Blizzard

Book of Heroes Malfurion – Coming June 22

Book of Heroes Malfurion rewards one Druid class pack

As the first druid, Malfurion has solemnly defended the natural world from threats, including his own brother, for thousands of years. Despite his steadfast protection, the perils of Azeroth have only increased with time, and the enemies of the wilds grow in both strength and cruelty. Malfurion’s harrowing tale will be told in Book of Heroes Malfurion, launching June 22nd. Defeating all 8 bosses in this linear adventure will reward 1 Druid pack, containing only Druid cards from Standard!

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