In-Game Indication of Nozdormu Day Coming?


In-Game Indication of Nozdormu Day Coming?

Celestalon just tweeted something with regards to Nozdormu Day, Blizzard's attempted celebration on the 15th of every month to get people to put Nozdormu the Eternal in their decks on that day and getting them to play with a 15 second turn timer. The format saw very positive feedback when it was used in the Forged in the Barrens event on April 21st, where the rounds with Nozdormu were called "Barrens Blitz" rounds.

The proposed holiday has met with some starting up trouble however, as even people trying to partcipate are finding it hard to find other people to play with, even in Casual mode. Celestalon took note of this and tweeted the following:

What could it mean? The possibilities range from just a visual indicator, to a special once-a-month Quest, to it being part of a bigger overhaul of some kind. This last one could be something like the introduction of mini-Holidays in game, where there would be occasional 1-day events, just for fun, without any real rewards. World of Warcraft has a similar system, and it has added some nice flavor to the game there.

Let us know in the comments what you think!



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