Top 3 Duels Moments of the Week - 8

Top 3 Duels Moments of the Week

Welcome to Top 3 Duels Moments of the Week! Because of how crazy Duels can be with all of its treasures, people experience a lot of crazy once-in-a-lifetime moments. Here, ANYONE can share some of their favorite experiences from their Duels games.


3: Scrying Orb of Doom


Ever consider using Sphere of Sapience outside of its intended use? Simply apply Deadly Poison and Deadly Weapons 101 to the Sphere you got from the Molten Blade created by Swashburglar and you’re good to slowly beat someone to death with a weapon you aren’t supposed to attack with for exact lethal.

2: Ed-WIN


 Scabbs Cutterbutter cheeses out multiple big Edwins thanks to the support of Potion of Illusion and Ace in the Hole creating plentiful cheap copies of everything to plop big numbers onto the board.

1: Dragon Queen's Gambit


Hearthpwn user konigon is in the best of circumstances, where an easy OTK is afoot. Having both Alexstrasza and Alexstrasza the Life-Binder in hand is quite a luxury, but Humble Blessings made both playable in the same turn. Armed with Battle Totem, this druid experiences a nonsensical defeat that you only see in duels!

Thank you konigon for your submission!

If you’re a fan of Duels, or even if you just play it casually, feel free to take a screenshot of your amazing moment and send it to us. We plan to share the best ones every week, so don’t be afraid to share if you have something unique you’ve experienced.

Submit your entry by clicking the link below. In the message, include a link to your uploaded screenshot(s) as well as a brief description of the situation so that it can be accurately explained in the article.

You can use to upload your screenshot, and you don't even have to have an account to do it. Once you go to, and click on "New Post" in the top left corner. From there, select the file you want to submit. Once the upload is finished, there will be a button that says "Copy link" in the top right of the image. Then you just need to paste it in the message you send as your submission.

Thank you and good luck in all your future Duels!





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