Top 5 Duels Moments of the Week - 2

Top 5 Duels Moments of the Week

Welcome back to another Top 5 Duels Moments of the Week! Because of how crazy Duels can be with all of its treasures, people experience a lot of crazy once-in-a-lifetime moments. Here, ANYONE can share some of their favorite experiences from their Duels games.

5: Scroll of Blunders

Once in a while you encounter people who check the Book of Wonders straight out of the Yogg-Saron Public Library and use it as their 2nd Passive Treasure. It can both win OR lose you the game when you least expect it. One thing’s for certain, it’s definitely a game changer whether or not it helps. This unfortunate Warrior brought Magnetic Mines, the win condition for the Bomb Warriors. Rattlegore let out a medium sized roar when he suddenly found himself Shadowformed.

4: Opening a Can of Wyrms


Getting that sweet sweet turn 2 Wildfire is pretty satisfying in early stages of Duels runs. Without treasures, it’s hard for your opponent to keep things on the board while also dealing with frequent Mana Wyrms. When Reckless Apprentice presents you the opportunity to clean up the enemy board while filling yours up with Wyrms, you take it. It’s turn 4 on Round 1; Your Move.

3: Cooler Guys Stare Straight At Explosions


Yet another look at Bomb Warrior doing its thing, but this time with much greater success. As many know, playing a Scrapmetal Demolitionist while using Battle Totem delivers quite a few Bombs as well as provide a decent chuck of armor. But what is your hand also had not 1, but 2 copies of Zola the Gorgon? Late game, Bombs can take up a pretty big percentage of the opponent’s deck. But play a few dudes that shuffle 10 Bombs each, and you get an enemy deck with over 200 damage crammed in there. Not even Recycling is enough to save this Turalyon.

2: Humble Beginnings


Blizzard decided that Humble Blessings should cost (3) down from (5). HearthPwn user DoomsayerHS decided to make it cost (0), because why should you have to pay mana for anything? Having All Together Now lets Sky Claw become just cheap enough to coin out on turn 1 allowed Rally the Troops to draw everyone’s favorite 3/3 factory and make it free. Unidentified Maul pulls out a free Lothraxion the Redeemed the following turn. This is certainly a decent enough lead to stay ahead while slowly throwing minions at the opponent’s face.

1: Turn & Burn

Why bother going through the trouble of planning a strategic and intelligent win condition when your opponent is willing to just hand you one on a silver platter? HearthPwn user HewaT’s foe tries to start getting value out of their Malygos. Upon realizing that they just provided a nifty target for Ancient Reflections, the enemy was subsequently shot down with On the Hunt using the most unconventional Malygos Hunter combo.

Thank you DoomsayerHS and HewaT for your submissions!

If you’re a fan of Duels, or even if you just play it casually, feel free to take a screenshot of your amazing moment and send it to us. We plan to share the best ones every week, so don’t be afraid to share if you have something unique you’ve experienced.

Submit your entry by clicking the link below. In the message, include a link to your uploaded screenshot(s) as well as a brief description of the situation so that it can be accurately explained in the article.

You can use to upload your screenshot, and you don't even have to have an account to do it. Once you go to, and click on "New Post" in the top left corner. From there, select the file you want to submit. Once the upload is finished, there will be a button that says "Copy link" in the top right of the image. Then you just need to paste it in the message you send as your submission.

Thank you and good luck in all your future Duels!





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