Book of Mercenaries: Rokara Today - Warrior

Book of Mercenaries: Rokara Today - Warrior

With the Year of the Gryphon we get 10 Mercenaries, whose tales we will learn through the Book of Mercenaries. Today we learn about Rokara, the Warrior Mercenary!

The Chapter is LIVE.

Quote from Blizzard

Book of Mercenaries Rokara


Forged in the Barrens introduces 10 all-new Mercenary characters as Legendary minions! We’ll be telling the stories for these characters over the course of the year through our expansions, our website, the Hearthstone Mercenaries game mode, and through Book of Mercenaries!

Book of Mercenaries will tell an epic, serialized story featuring all 10 new Mercenary characters and will release on a semi-monthly basis like Book of Heroes. Book of Mercenaries Rokara, the first installment in the series, will release on April 6 and reward a Warrior class pack for its completion!



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