Ben Brode on Blackrock Mountain, Deck Spotlight: Lykan's Ramp Druid, IEM Katowice This Weekend - March 15th

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Eric Dodds Interview: Blackrock Mountain, Dr. Boom, Karazhan, Tutorial

Ben Brode on Blackrock Mountain

Hahahahaha! Ben Brode and Ben Thompson sat down with IGN Netherlands to discuss Blackrock Mountain. Not a whole lot was said that wasn't in the Eric Dodds Interview we posted a couple of days ago, but there were a couple of points worth mentioning. Read the full interview (in Dutch) over here.

  • We will see all the Blackrock Mountain cards before the adventure is released.
  • The cards in the BRM set will not be as random as the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion.
  • Not all the fights in Naxxramas were as fun as they could have been, and they believe they have achieved fun fights for all of BRM.
  • They chose to add two class cards for each class this time around with the goal that there will be huge shifts in the meta.
  • No short or long term plans to add more classes to the game.

Deck Spotlight: Lykan's Ramp Druid

In tonight's deck spotlight we're looking at a slightly modified Ramp Druid deck which Lykan has used to climb up from rank 16 to Legend this season. If you're looking for a solid deck, Ramp Druid has always been a favourite of many, and is very consistent.

This variant of ramp has some meta-specific choices such as Loatheb to help curb Oil Rogue, and to limit their responses once you've built up a nice board. Kezan Mystic is also available if you're running into a lot of secret oriented decks, but can be replaced with a Piloted Shredder if you aren't. Lykan does note that he did not have access to Cenarius, which explains the addition of Ragnaros the Firelord, so you may prefer to run Cenarius in that slot if you have him.

At 8700 dust, it is on the pricey side of decks, but that cost does get reduced when you factor in already owning the flavor of the month, Dr. Boom. Check out the deck guide to get yourself ramping up, and check out the deck below to get building!

[Legend S12] Lykan's Ramp Druid
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IEM Katowice This Weekend - March 15th

The Hearthstone Legendary Series by ESL is going to be at IEM Katowice this weekend, and featuries an awesome $30,000 USD prize pool. Eight top Hearthstone players have qualified for this event, and will be battling it out this Sunday, March 15th. The competitors will also be fighting for their share of 230 HWC points, which will help them qualify for the Hearthstone World Championships.

Head on over to our Survival Guide for more information on the event, or check out the players and schedule below. We'll have the stream embedded here on the front page on Sunday, so don't forget to swing on by and watch some Hearthstone!













Times below are in CET (+0100), and may not be accurate once the event starts as game length varies greatly.

James vs Inderen 13:00 - 14:10 Please Enable JavaScript
Rdu vs Orange 14:10 - 15:20 Please Enable JavaScript
Lifecoach vs Nalguidan 15:20 - 16:30 Please Enable JavaScript
Amaz vs SirKristjan 16:30 - 17:40 Please Enable JavaScript
Semifinal #1 17:40 - 18:50 Please Enable JavaScript
Semifinal #2 18:50 - 20:00 Please Enable JavaScript
Final 20:00 - 21:30 Please Enable JavaScript


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