Eric Dodds Interview: Blackrock Mountain, Dr. Boom, Karazhan, Tutorial

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Eric Dodds on Blackrock Mountain

The guys at MetaBomb had a chance to discuss Blackrock Mountain with Hearthstone's Lead Designer, Eric Dodds. Check out our recap of the interview below, or if you'd like to read it in full, head on over to their article.

Quote from Eric Dodds
  • Initially when deciding on Blackrock Mountain, the team threw up a bunch of ideas on a whiteboard.
    • Blackrock Mountain is very different thematically when compared to Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes.
    • It fit in really well with the 10th World of Warcraft anniversary being themed around Molten Core (which is in BRM!).
  • Dr. Boom is not on the nerf list.
    • They only want to nerf cards when it's "really negatively impacting the game".
  • The team has discussed Karazhan as an adventure, and he'd "be surprised if they didn't do it at all".
  • Not all cards in new sets are going to be designed to fix issues in the current meta, but some will be related.
  • Cards have two stages of creation:
    • Design: Make a cool concept for a card, and make it awesome.
    • Development: Balance the numbers. Playtest. Balance the numbers.
  • No plans to redesign the Hunter Hero Power, nor are they talking about it.
  • They are not working on a console version of Hearthstone, but they won't rule it out for the future.
  • The phone version of Hearthstone has an updated tutorial to make sure new players understand the game.
  • No current plans to change anything about how new players can get brought up to speed with their collections, but it's something they're talking about.


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