This Week's Nerfs Postponed Till Patch 20.0 Later This Month


This Week's Nerfs Postponed Till Patch 20.0 Later This Month

Hearthstone's senior game designer just tweeted out that their plans regarding balance changes this week have been postponed till patch 20.0.


Quote from Alec Dawson

Strongly hinted at it, so want to get this out there. We had originally planned on doing a small balance patch this week, but we ran into some issues affecting our timeline. 20.0 is our largest patch to date (Barrens, Core, Classic), and want to make sure it's a smooth launch.

That balance change will go into the 20.0 patch later this month. Overall, we're fairly happy with the current meta but saw an opportunity to shore up some gameplay feelings related to burst damage. Looking forward to MT Ironforge, best of luck to everyone participating!


Wild Mode

Quote from Alec Dawson

Question: Have you been discussing any Wild nerfs? (Raza and Secret Mage in particular) Or are these only standard-centered?

Answer: The reverts are pretty big so we'll evaluate after all of those go in.

Question: Should we expect the reverts to come out at the same time as Barrens/Core/Classic? Will we get any information on what’s getting reverted beforehand?

Answer: Those will go live with the 20.0 patch yes. Most cards will be reverted or partially reverted, it's fairly aggressive. Should be a good time to bring out your old decks.

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