Changed Core Cards Will Replace Legacy Cards with Same Name - Discussion Ongoing

Changed Core Cards Will Replace Legacy Cards with Same Name - Discussion Ongoing

There's been quite some confusion about cards that have been changed being in Legacy set and Core set at the same time, which version do you get in Wild? The current implentation is that the Core set version will be the only one used, which has lead to outcry of people using the old versions in Wild decks, most particularly Stonetusk Boar and Bluegill Warrior Multiple Blizzard developers and several community figures weighed in on the changes and the discussion may have perhaps changed Blizzards stance on the issue.

Let us know in the comments what your stance is in this balance issue!

Start of the Conversation

Quote from twitter

Will cards from Classic / Basic moving to Legacy be the same as the ones from the Core set, or will they remain how they are now?

If they are different, can we run both versions on the same deck?

If they are the same, will you provide full dust refund for nerfed cards?

Quote from Alec Dawson

They will be the same as they are in Core, Basic cards do not get a refund since they are Basic. There will be a refund for the old Ysera since her Dream cards have changed.

Community Weighs In and Iksar Responds

Quote from Zeddy

Wild is a place to play your favorite decks of old. This statement is becoming more and more untrue every year and should not be a reason to more continously balance the format especially with the introduction of Classic. Please reconsider your stance on this IksarHS and company

As you know, there is rarely one aspect to any decision. In this case:

Potential Upsides:
Don't have multiple versions of the same card in multiple game modes.
Possible Wild is just more fun without Bluegill and Stonetusk Boar.

Potential Downsides:
Players that love using those cards won't be able to use them in the same way.
Wild potentially just more fun with Charge on those two cards.

In this case, we felt pros outweighed the cons, but it's not an exact science choice. The answer to 'did you think about this thing' is usually going to be yes.

Iksar Mentions a Possible Solution

If we were to change, we'd almost certainly just remove the version of stonetusk and bluegill in core and replace them with two different cards instead of keeping different versions across the two modes.

Quote from Brian Kibler

That seems like the best solution to me to avoid breaking decks people may really enjoy in wild

Quote from Zeddy

I personally think this would be the best decision going forward if we see more changes like this in the future. I'm also very happy to see you guys so quick to discuss this and share it with us. Regardless very excited for the core set and everything coming up.

Fwiw, Boar has caused more designs to not exist than any other single card I can think of. Some benefit to getting that space back. Though it's possible some of those designs would have slipped through if we were just talking about Wild.

Iksar Mentions The Design Team's Thoughts

We talked about it some more today, though. Some differing opinions among the design team so I could see changing that stance.



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