Hearthstone Deep Dive Panel - New Game Mode: Mercenaries

Hearthstone Deep Dive Panel - Live Recap

Join us as we watch the Hearthstone Deep Dive panel at BlizzConline and deliver all the information shared there!

  • The coming year we will see 10 brand new Characters, which they will use to tell smaller, new stories

  • Forged in the Barrens!
  • Bru'kan, Shaman Legendary, Gives your Nature spells +3 Damage.
  • Spells now have schools, just like in WoW. Nature, Shadow, Fire, Holy. etc.
  • Ranked spells grow with you through the game, having different effects on below 5 mana, above 5 mana and at 10 mana.
  • We will have minions that interact with specific spell schools.
  • Mankrik legendary minion! You can find his wife in your deck!
  • New Keyword: Frenzy, first time your minion takes damage and survives, it triggers this effect.
  • The Core set & Classic Format
  • Core set 235 cards. Buffed, revived and revolutionized cards as well as new ones.
  • Not carrying weaker cards.
  • Totally Free, get the Core set by leveling all your classes to level 10. If you have done that already, you will get everything on log in when the set goes live.
  • Fireball and Tirion are staying!
  • Little over half are returning basic and Classic cards.
  • Wild cards are going to be part of the set too.
  • Tomb Pillager will be one, and ANNOY-A-TRON.
  • Some cards will be buffed.
  • Assassinate and Menagerie Warden will be buffed.
  • Shaman gain a new Totem in their Hero Power.
  • Wrath of Air is removed, replaced by a Totem of Strength, a buffing totem for your board!
  • Feral Spirits, Lightning Storm and Earth Elemental are buffed
  • Edwin is gone, replaced by his daughter!
  • Every class gets a 1 mana minion that tells the story of the class and fits better.
  • A new legendary Neutral, that buffs your hand and has Rush.
  • The legendary Dragons got revamped
  • Ysera changed to a Battlecry for all her Dream cards.
  • Malygos now a Battlecry that gives you spells.
  • Deathwing, still clears the board, but only discards a card for every minion removed.
  • What happened to the Basic and Classic cards? In the Classic format is one place you will still have them.
  • Reverts any alterations to cards and brings the game back to 2014.
  • Classic will be a playable game mode along with Wild and Standard, including a ladder.
  • More cards for the Core set later this week!
  • Game mode: Battlegrounds
  • Balance patches coming.
  • New mercenaries coming as heroes!
  • New minion type: Quilboars!
  • Duels is getting more characters in addition, not to replace.
  • Book of Heroes: Valeera is next.
  • Book of Mercenaries is coming too, the 10 stories they want to tell.
  • Hearthstone Mercenaries
  • Hearthstone Mercenaries is a tactical RPG and Roguelike type game mode. It's basically like playing Hearthstone with 3 Heroes instead of 1.
  • Play the game by completing missions
  • Progression is permanent!
  • Mercenaries will link into the Reward Track
  • Seperate from card collection.
  • Progression is single player. Battles between players.
  • Characters like Jaina and Illidan, in addition to the 10 Mercenaries. Tirion is part of it too!
  • Not quite ready to talk about release dates, but will hear things later this year!
  • Don't forget to log in to claim your free Vol'jin
  • Don't forget to visit the shop to claim your free 30 year Blizzard card back!
  • That's it for the Deep Dive Panel!

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