New Hearthstone Expansion Name and Logo Leak? Forged in the Barrens


New Hearthstone Expansion and Logo Leak? Forged in the Barrens

There has been a growing rumor the past couple of days that has suddenly become far more intriguing with a new leak. We present the evidence we have so far below!

What It Started With

A leak of sorts started with a post in several media in Chinese, about the name of a video file. Part of the name of the file contained the name "Forged in the Barrens". It can be seen below in a tweet and in a screenshot from the Chinese forum NGA.

What Is New

Earlier tonight this screenshot ended up on reddit, with the message that the text translated to "Forged in the Barrens". We have linked the screenshot and have also linked a screenshot of the name "Forged in the Barrens" translated with Google Translate, which seems to show that the text matches that.

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