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Update 9:03 PM EST: Added video containing partial animation of the Ragnaros' Hammer board clickable.
Update 4:33 PM EST: Added tweet from Zeriyah confirming you must buy the adventure in each region individually.
Update 3:22 PM EST: Made adjustments to the text in the article to make it more readable. Enjoy!

Blackrock Mountain Confirmed

The Blackrock Mountain Adventure has been confirmed at PAX East 2015. It will release in April 2015. We've summarized and organized all the information below from the panel and the official announcement post.

  • There are five wings in the adventure, each of which can be purchased for 700 gold, or $6.99 USD.
    • You can get a discount on the wings if you buy them in bulk. All five can be purchased together for $24.99.
    • There is no free wing this time around. (Source)
    • Wings will be released on a weekly basis, one at a time.
  • Thirty-one new cards will be obtained through seventeen bosses, wing completion, and class challenges.
  • Pre-orders for Blackrock Mountain begin on March 19th or 20th, and will reward a special card back.
    • You cannot obtain the card back through a Gold pre-order. Real money only.
  • Purchasing the expansion only unlocks it for the region you have purchased it in. (Source)
  • Dragons will be getting some love with this adventure, with lots of interactions between the card type!
  • Heroic Mode will once again be available and will reward players with a card back for completing it.
  • When a new wing releases, the cards from that wing will be available in The Arena, even if you haven't played the adventure.

New Cards

We've got five new cards out of the thirty-one to check out! All these cards are usable in the deck builder. Get theorycrafting!

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Discuss this Card

Adventure Format

Blackrock Mountain will use the same format as the Curse of Naxxramas adventure, with bosses being inside of wings and the wings being released on a weekly basis. There will once again be a set of class challenges, which will reward your class cards. Heroic mode is also available which rewards a card back upon completion.

There are five wings in Blackrock Mountain, each representing a different place in the mountain. In these five wings reside seventeen bosses. The last three names weren't announced on the site, but if you look into the markup for the official BRM page, you can see their names! Thanks i2lurchi for the tip!

  • Wing 1 - Blackrock Depths
    • Grim Guzzler (Coren Direbrew)
    • The Arena
    • Dark Iron Emperor
  • Wing 2 - Molten Core
  • Wing 3 - Blackrock Spire
  • Wing 4 - Blackwing Lair
  • Wing 5 - Hidden Lab

Card Backs

Three new upcoming card backs which are blackrock themed are going to be available to players.

"Molten Core"
Season 12 (Mar. 2015)

"BRM Heroic"
Clear Heroic Blackrock

"BRM Pre-order"
Pre-order Blackrock

New Gameboard

A new Blackrock Mountain themed gameboard will be introduced in the adventure. Below you can see Coren Direbrew, the first boss in Wing 1, Blackrock Depths.

Ragnaros' Hammer Clickable

Zeriyah posted a video of part of the Ragnaro's Hammer board clickable animation.

Cinematic Trailer

Blizzard has released the cinematic trailer for Blackrock Mountain!

Hearthstone Mobile is now in Alpha

Hearthstone's mobile version is being tested internally among Blizzard staff right now. They are estimating that it will be out within a couple of months. Below you can see screenshots of the start screen, collection manager, in-game board, and card pack opening. Quite a bit different than the normal client!



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