Keywords and Card Relations

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Hearthstone would be boring if it wasn't for Keywords. If you've ever looked at a card and noticed the card had some bold text, that is a keyword. Below are the definitions of each keyword from the client strings that will give you some understanding to how cool some cards really are.

GLOBAL_KEYWORD_BATTLECRY_TEXT Battlecry Does something when you play it from your hand. Alexstrasza
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_CHARGE_TEXT Charge Can attack immediately. Grom Hellscream
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DIVINE_SHIELD_TEXT Divine Shield The first time this minion takes damage, ignore it. Tirion Fordring
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DIVINE_SHIELD_REF_TEXT Divine Shield The first time a Shielded minion takes damage, ignore it.  
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_ENRAGED_TEXT Enrage While damaged, this minion has a new power. Grom Hellscream
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_FREEZE_TEXT Freeze Frozen characters lose their next attack. Blizzard
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_FROZEN_TEXT Freeze (Target) Misses its next attack.  
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_IMMUNE_TEXT Immune Cannot be damaged Bestial Wrath;
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SECRET_TEXT Secret Hidden until a specific action occurs. Snake Trap
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SPELLPOWER_TEXT Spell Power Your spell cards deal {0} extra damage. 0=amount of spell power Malygos
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_STEALTH_TEXT Stealth Can't be attacked or targeted until it attacks. Edwin VanCleef
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_STEALTH_REF_TEXT Stealth Can't be attacked or targeted until it attacks.  
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_TAUNT_TEXT Taunt Enemies must attack this minion. Tirion Fordring
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_TAUNT_REF_TEXT Taunt Enemies must attack minions that have Taunt.  
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_WINDFURY_TEXT Windfury Can attack twice each turn. Al'Akir the Windlord
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DEATHRATTLE_TEXT Deathrattle Does something when it dies. Cairne Bloodhoof
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_COMBO_TEXT Combo A bonus if you already played a card this turn. Adrenaline Rush
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_RECALL_TEXT Overload You have X less mana next turn. Lava Burst
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SILENCE_TEXT Silence Removes all card text and enchantments. Mass Dispel
GLOBAL_KEYWORD_COUNTER_TEXT Counter A card that is Countered has no effect. Counterspell

 Card Relations

Now that you've got keywords down, let's take a look at the real cards that bring other cards into play. If you've been browsing our card database, you've probably come across some cool cards which you were sad you were unable to place into your deck. The way that Hearthstone has been designed, everything is a card. When you put one of your Druid minions into play which has the Choose One keyword, you will be asked to pick between two "fake" cards to activate the effect. These "fakes" are called Token Cards. The table below shows us which cards are related to token cards.

Cenarius Demigod's Favor Shan'do's Lesson (Treant)      
Cairne Bloodhoof Baine Bloodhoof        
Gelbin Mekkatorque Emboldener 3000 Homing Chicken Poultryizer (Chicken) Repair Bot  
Hogger Gnoll        
King Mukla Bananas        
Leeroy Jenkins Whelp        
Lord Jaraxxus Blood Fury Infernal      
The Beast Finkle Einhorn        
Tinkmaster Overspark Devilsaur Squirrel      
Tirion Fordring Ashbringer        
Ysera Dream Emerald Drake Laughing Sister Nightmare Ysera Awakens
Ancient of Lore Ancient Secrets Ancient Teachings      
Ancient of War Rooted Uproot      
Force of Nature Treant        
Mindgames Shadow of Nothing        
Snake Trap Snake        
Spellbender Spellbender        
Arcane Golem Excess Mana        
Feral Spirit Spirit Wolf        
Imp Master Imp        
Keeper of the Grove Moonfire Dispel      
Nourish Nourish Nourish (Excess Mana)      
Starfall Starfall Starfall      
Upgrade! Heavy Axe        
Violet Teacher Violet Apprentice        
Avatar of the Coin The Coin        
Hex Frog        
Innervate Excess Mana        
Polymorph Sheep        
Wild Growth Excess Mana        
Animal Companion Huffer Leokk Misha    
Arathi Weaponsmith Battle Axe        
Defias Ringleader Defias Bandit        
Dragonling Mechanic Mechanical Dragonling        
Druid of the Claw Bear Form (Druid of the Claw) Cat Form (Druid of the Claw)      
Harvest Golem Damaged Golem        
Mark of Nature Mark of Nature Mark of Nature      
Mirror Image Mirror Image        
Murloc Tidehunter Murloc Scout        
Noble Sacrifice Defender        
Power of the Wild Leader of the Pack Summon a Panther (Panther)      
Sense Demons Worthless Imp        
Silver Hand Knight Squire        
Soul of the Forest Treant        
Wrath Wrath Wrath      
Razorfen Hunter Boar        

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