Blizzcon Schedule - Hearthstone Deep Dive and Q&A - Streamer Showdowns


Blizzcon Schedule - Hearthstone Deep Dive and Q&A - Streamer Showdowns

Blizzard released the official schedule for BlizzConline, which takes place later this month on the 19th and 20th of February. You can find the schedule here on Blizzard's official site. The schedule will switch to the timezone your device is set at, so the times on there don't have to be extrapolated!

BlizzConline Schedule

BlizzConline Schedule:

First Day - Friday 19th into Saturday 20th

  • 2pm PT/ 5pm ET/ 23:00 CET - Opening Ceremony - All the hype & spoiler videos introducing what's going to be new in all Blizzard Games. If you only have time to catch one thing, catch this!
  • 3:10pm PT/ 6:10pm ET/ 00:10 CET - Hearthstone Deep Dive - Join the Hearthstone team and host Brian Kibler for a closer look at what's coming to Hearthstone in 2021.
  • 3:55pm PT/ 6:55pm ET/ 00:55 CET - Hearthstone Battlegrounds Exhibition - Eight of Hearthstone's most popular Battlegrounds streamers take center stage for this exhibition, hosted by Frodan. Who will take home the BlizzConline crown?

Second Day - Saturday 20th into Sunday 21st

  • 12:00pm PT/ 3:00pm ET/ 21:00 CET - Hearthstone Q&A - Have a question Hearthstone on deck in your brain? Join the development team as they answer your community inquiries.
  • 12:35pm PT/ 3:35pm ET/ 21:35 CET - Blizzard Art Studio: Reno Jackson - Hearthstone artist Rafael Zanchetin takes you step-by-step through how to draw the world-renowned archaeologist, explorer, and treasure hunter Reno Jackson.
  • 1:05pm PT/ 4:05pm ET/ 22:05 CET - Community Showcase - Host Darin De Paul is back to help shine a spotlight on the very best art, talent, storytelling, and cosplay from the Blizzard community.
  • 2:10pm PT/ 5:10pm ET/ 23:10 CET - Hearthstone: Streamer Showdown - A live game show that brings your favorite online personalities and streamers together for a battle of wits. Features Kripp, Alliestrasza, Liv Breeden, and Alec Dawson.
  • Various times: There will be short interludes between panels where Blizzard has planned videos about some fun and whimsical stuff, like the Innkeeper judging people doing Voicelines, the March of the Murlocs and Bartender Bob handing out friendly advice.


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