March 2015 Card Back - Ragnaros, Top Decks of February 2015

March 2015 Card Back - Ragnaros

BY FIRE BE PURGED! The ranked play participation card back for March 2015 is Raging Ragnaros! You can obtain this card back during the month of March by hitting rank 20 on the ladder.

Now that we know the Ragnaros card back has been confirmed from our previous Blackrock Mountain datamining, it's looking a lot more likely BRM wasn't Blizzard just messing around.

"Raging Ragnaros"
Season 12 (March 2015)

You can find this card back, and all the other card backs of Hearthstone over in our Card Back Gallery.

Top Decks of February 2015

Instead of looking at which decks were the most popular last week, how about we take a look at the most popular decks from February?

 Kolento's Mirror Entity Mech Mage markopoloyolo 4160
 Oil Rogue Tesla 3520
 Snake Bite Sparkaz 1640
 Firedrank's Rank 1 Legend Mech Shaman HermiesL 3040
 Kolento's Rogue Lord4eron 3480
 Anti Meta Control Priest Genotoxic 9620
 Meta-breaking Shaman 11point5ft 6100
 Mamao's Anti-Ladder MamaoBR 10000
 Deathwinglock lHlakai 6160
 Zoo. Rip Undertaker ShySloth 2120


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