Weekly and Daily Quest Status - Missing Quests & Compensation


Weekly and Daily Quest Status - Missing Quests & Compensation

Blizzard made an updated post about daily and weekly quest problems, telling us what's going on, how they are going to fix it, and when. UPDATED INFO!

Quote from Blizzard

Since the launch of the new daily and weekly quest system, we've been working to correct an issue that could prevent some players from receiving weekly quests, and we've recently discovered that daily quests can be affected in some instances as well. They are separate but related issues, so here's a quick update on both.

Weekly Quests

Last week, we put out an initial fix for this issue, but we've found instances where the issue could still occur. We're working on the fix to prevent all instances of this issue from happening in the future. We're also aware that some players have missed one or even two weeks of weekly quests, and we're in the process of identifying all affected accounts so we can provide the missing XP. Please be aware that the compensation may not happen until next week and may happen in different groups at different times. We'll give updates as soon as any new progress is made.

Daily Quests

We've recently identified the issue with daily quests and believe we have a fix. We're hoping to apply this fix this week and will provide an update as soon as possible. Similarly to weekly quests, we will be offering compensation for those who missed out on daily quests. We've just begun the work to identify affected accounts and determine the right way to compensate them. We'll have an update as soon as we know more, but the best estimate for compensation is currently next week.


Quote from Blizzard

Hi all, we have a new update on compensation for the weekly quest issue. A few minutes ago, we pushed out a new (and hopefully final) wave of compensation to anyone who has missed weekly quests up to this point. To clarify, the full XP amount we're giving is 6600 XP: 6000 XP for the weekly quests and an additional 600 (10%).

Daily quests are still being worked on. Stay tuned!

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