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Deck Talk: Darkwonyx's Darklock

In this week's Deck Talk, TheChiv had Darkwonyx on once again, but this time to discuss his Midrange Warlock deck, Darklock 2.0, which you may have seen this weekend from ek0p during the Battle of the Best tournament. Watch the video below where Darkwonyx explains how the deck works, and coaches us through a couple of games. You can also find the deck list below if you'd like to craft Darklock for yourself.

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Deck Spotlight: Not a Cultadin

In tonight's deck spotlight we're taking a look at a Paladin Token deck from Modded, Not a Cult! If you couldn't guess, the goal of this deck is to flood your board with tokens to overwhelm your opponent giving you efficient trades, and excellent draw potential through the use of Cult Master.

A midrange deck with a midrange crafting cost of 5740, Not a Cult is a great basis for a Paladin Token deck. Check out the deck below, and head on over to the deck guide to learn more about the cards, gameplay strategy, and some info on matchups, and feel free to make your own take on the deck to better fit your playstyle.

Not a Cult.
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[Android] Amazon Coins Deal (US, UK, Germany)

If you missed out on the Amazon Coins deal back when Hearthstone for Android was released, it's back! Buying packs in the Amazon App Store results in getting 30% of your spendings back in Amazon Coins.. which can be spent on even more cards!

If you don't have an Android tablet, but have a PC, you may want to check out this video from Reynad, which explains how to use Amiduos to buy card packs.

Quote from Blizzard

The Amazon Coin promotion returns!

When you spend $20 or more on card pack purchases, you’ll get bonus Amazon Coins worth 30% of the amount you spend! You can use Amazon Coins for purchases in the Amazon App Store for Android--including more Hearthstone card packs!

Don’t let the fuse burn down! This offer is only available to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany for a limited time only! Make like an Aldor Peacekeeper and follow the rules: Amazon Coins terms and conditions can be found here.

You can download Hearthstone right now from both the Amazon App Store and Google Play.

Bot Ban Wave #3

Another permanent ban wave against Hearthstone bots went out today. Begone from the ladder!

Quote from Zeriyah

In our continued efforts to promote a fair play environment within Hearthstone, we have permanently banned Hearthstone accounts found to be using third-party programs that automate gameplay, which is a violation of our Terms of Use.

We will continue to closely monitor Hearthstone and take action as needed to protect the game environment. Hearthstone accounts found to be cheating in any form will be permanently closed without warning.

If you believe that you’ve encountered a possible bot or other form of exploitation, please let us know by emailing our hacks team at

Friends List Bug

No end in sight yet for the bugs which are causing issues with your friendslist loading and display.

Quote from Rolkyr

Thank you all for your reports and patience. We are aware this matter is still occurring and look to have a resolution to it soon. As soon as I have further information on a fix I will get that info out to you.



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