Mozaki's Hero Power Animation & Epilepsy Concerns


Mozaki's Hero Power Animation & Epilepsy Concerns

Hearthstone community manager Chris Attalus just addressed Mozaki's Hero Power in Duels.

In this case, each time Mozaki's Hero Power is being used, the Hero Power animation flashes the whole screen for a second, which can cause a seizure for people with epilepsy.

This is an example of the brightest moment in the flash.

Quote from RyuOnReddit

As an Epileptic, Mozaki’s hero power is incredibly terrible, as it causes the entire screen to flash each time it is used. I hope we could get support from Blizzard in changing the flashing effect!

Quote from Chris_Attalus

This will be fixed with the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire patch!



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