Heroic Brawliseum is This Week's Tavern Brawl

This week's brawl is Heroic Brawliseum!


Make a Standard deck to compete with the best! Stakes are high, the competition intense. More wins means more rewards. Can you make it to 12 wins, or will 3 losses end your run?


Various, depending on how well you do. See chart below!

If you have a great deck for this brawl, create it in our deckbuilder, and share it with the world! Just make sure to label the Deck Type as a "Tavern Brawl" while saving and it might show up on the front page!

Quote from Blizzard

Coming September 23 - Heroic Brawliseum

chalkboard art for heroic brawliusem

You’ve studied up, and now it’s time for a real test! For 1000 Gold or $9.99, you can enter a competitive Tavern Brawl using cards from your own collection with big rewards! Based on how successful your run is, you could win Dust, Gold, Card Packs, and even Golden Legendary cards! Brawl until you’ve lost 3 or won 12!

rewards chart for Heroic Brawliseum


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