Grandmasters Week 5 - Featured Match Results & Decklists

The Second Season of the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 went into its fifth week this weekend. 48 of the best players in the world began the eight week event with a total of $500,000 and a ticket to the World Championship on the line. The season saw the same format as last season which saw players start with Swiss Rounds and are now divided into groups and completing Round Robin stages.

This weekend saw the tried and true format of 4 Deck Conquest with 1 Ban. The way it works is that both players bring 4 decks, and both players ban 1 deck of their opponent. They then choose to play a deck of the remaining decks and every time they win with a deck it gets eliminated. Once either player wins with 3 decks, they win the match.

Video Recaps

Since we are posting our article close to the ending of Day 3, not all of the matches may have been put onto YouTube yet, so check the official Hearthstone Esports YT Channel for the uploads later here!

Road to Playoffs

The Grandmasters started with 3 weeks of Swiss, where everyone scored points. Those points lead to players being divided into Groups A and Groups B. In every Region those Groups will fight in a Round Robin style over the next 4 weeks before the Playoffs and Relegation matches will be played. Who gets to go to the Playoffs and Relegations will be decided as shown in the graphic below.


Decklists & Recap


The Americas Region featured matchup between Eddie and Muzzy was a great one, with great back and forths. It started with Eddie on his Face Hunter deck and Muzzy on his also aggressive Aggro Rogue deck, which combines stealth and weapon Rogue. The game lasted longer than expected however, because Eddie slow played his first few turns, sitting on a zero cost Hero Power for 2 turns before using it among them. Eddie did the right thing though, because he did end up winning the game, after things predictably started going face. The second game saw both players go for their Druid decks. To keep this short, things did not go muzzy's way, and he was soon faced with an unsurmountable board against him, and lost the game.

Muzzy had his back to the wall and his only way out was to piece together a reverse sweep. It started for him on his Tempo Mage deck versus Eddie's final remaining deck, Highlander Priest. After this game was interupted by technical difficulties, it eventually resolved into some crazy conjurer's calling shenanigans, which Muzzy came out of with a win. Game 4 then saw Eddie still on his Highlander Priest and Muzzy brought out his Rogue deck again. Muzzy played this game perfectly too, leveraging his damage to maintain board, while damaging Eddie and found himself the parts to create a 12/12 Edwin to seal the win.

So it ended up in a game 5. Was Muzzy going to complete the reverse sweep with his Druid or would Eddie's Highlander Priest finally get its series clinching win? Muzzy got the almost perfect start, but drew 2 of his Beast minions, meaning his second Guardian Animals only pulled 1 minion. This minor problem prevented Muzzy from just killing Eddie quickly, and that was starting to become a problem as the game started to go on. Muzzy couldn't quite finish the deal and Eddie was constantly staving off disaster. After Muzzy built up a big board of threats, Eddie used Wave of Apathy and Soul Mirror together, basically copying and stealing Muzzy's big board and then presenting lethal with it first before Muzzy could do anything. That finally did it and Eddie escaped with a 3-2 series victory in a very close and fun match up.

Eddie's Americas Grandmasters Season 2 Decks:

Muzzy's Americas Grandmasters Season 2 Decks:


The battle for Eastern Europe, between Rdu and Jarla was a doozy of a featured match up in the European Region. It started with Rdu on Druid and Jarla on Priest. It was an interesting back and forth, with both players threatening, but it was Jarla who managed to break through first and secure the win. Game 2 saw a switching of decks for both players, with Rdu going to his Tempo Mage and Jarla bringing out his Druid deck. Rdu was in serious trouble until topdeck Solarian Prime turned the tides and lead to a cavalcade of Counterspell's and the win. Rdu's forced luck on his side in the next game too, where he was on his Rogue versus Jarla's Tempo Mage. He dodged multiple devolve and arcane missiles and bagged the win for a 2-1 lead.

Jarla needed to win the next two games against Rdu's Guardian Druid deck, and started off with his Tempo Mage. This time it was Jarla forcing luck on his side. He grabbed board control, cheated a humongous amount of mana with Sorcerer's Apprentice and won the game handily. All of that lead to the final game, a Druid mirror match for the series. After a tense back and forth, Jarla made a collosal mistake wasting 5 mana and not playing Overflow instead of a Breath to draw on an Omu turn. Next turn Rdu brought him down to 3 health and things were looking dire, but Rdu was also running out of cards in hand to push further, giving Jarla a thin thread to keep holding on. In the end Rdu's draws never materialized, despite having still 13 cards in deck compared to Jarla only 4 and Jarla finished the game, giving Jarla the 3-2 series win.

Rdu's Europe Grandmasters Season 2 Decks:

Jarla's Europe Grandmasters Season 2 Decks:


The Asia-Pacific featured match between Surrender and Tom60229 started off with a Tempo Mage mirror match. Surrender kept Chenvaala in his mulligan and in the end never even got to play it, because Tom got board control in a hurry and never surrendered it again. With Tom up 1-0 both players swapped to different decks. Surrender to his Druid deck and Tom to his Bomb Warrior. It turned into basically a flawless game by Surrender. Made the right calls to minimize Tom's removal impact, hit his threats when Tom couldn't deal with them and finished the game with his combo of Forest Warden Omu into double Malygos and Swipe for 14 damage.

Both players then swapped decks again. Surrender returned to his Tempo Mage, while Tom went with his Demon Hunter deck. Surrender made a flat out misclick or mistake and was utterly off his game the rest of the game. He kept clutching at his head and over thinking plays. It didn't matter though, he still won the game with Conjurer's calling into Troublemaker for surprise 6 extra damage to face for lethal.

Tom stayed on his Demon Hunter while Surrender, now up 2-1 and needing only 1 more game for victory, swapped to his final deck, Rogue. The game started somewhat slow with both players trying to fight for board control, but eventually the true nature of both decks came to the front and the race to find face damage was on. Tom managed to stave of lethal once, by drawing into Soul Fragments to stay out of range, but Surrender still got him the next turn, even with both players very low on health. Making Surrender win this series 3-1.

Surrender's Asia-Pacific Grandmasters Season 2 Decks:

Tom60229's Asia-Pacific Grandmasters Season 2 Decks:


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