Grandmasters 2020 Season 2 - Preview Week 1

Season Two of this year's Grandmasters starts tomorrow. The tournament features the same format as last season, which we've recapped below. 48 players will compete -- including 10 brand new Grandmasters -- for a total of eight weeks. Prizing for the Season includes $500,000 and of course the right to compete at this year's Hearthstone World Championship!

  • Venue: Online
  • Broadcast: Hearthstone Esports YouTube Channel
  • Stream Times: Broadcasts begin at 2AM PT/5AM ET/11AM CEST w/ the Asia-Pacific Region, followed by the EU Region and closed by the Americas Region
  • Dates: Friday, Saturday, Sunday - August 14th - September 6 and September 18 – October 11, 2020. The break is for the Masters Tour Online: Montreal Tournament.
  • Casters:
    • Asia-Pacific: Jia “Jia” Dee and Darroch “Darroch” Brown
    • Europe: Simon “Sottle” Welch and Alex “Raven” Baguley
    • Americas: Dan "Frodan" Chou and TJ "Azumo" Sanders
  • Prize Pool: $500,000 USD

Format Changes

As we previously mentioned, the 2020 Grandmasters features the same format as last season. The first three weeks will be made up of Swiss Rounds. The last 4 weeks will be Round Robin. We've broke down the entire Season below.

Weeks 1-3: Swiss/Group Stages

  • Each Region will compete in several rounds of Swiss off stream earlier in the week.
  • The Top 8 finishers from each Region will play in a dual tournament format Friday-Saturday, with the Top-4 being played Sunday.
  • Format changes each week:
    • Wk. 1: 7 Rounds of Swiss, Conquest w/ 1 Ban
    • Wk. 2: 7 Rounds of Swiss, Four Deck Last Hero Standing w/ 1 Ban
    • Wk. 3: 9 Rounds of Swiss, Bo3 Specialist

Week 4-7: Round Robin

  • After the first three weeks, players will be split into two divisions per Region based on point accumulations. Division A will consist of the Top 8, while Division B will consist of 9-16.
  • The two divisions will compete in Round Robin style play over the four weeks. Standings from this four week period will determine playoff participants, and who will be relegated from Season 2.
  • Format for the Round Robin will be: Bo5 Conquest, Four Decks w/ 1 Ban.

Week 8: Season One Playoffs

  • Top 6 from Division A automatically advance to the Playoff portion.
  • Top 4 from Division B compete in a "play-in" Round with the winners joining the Division A winners.
  • The 7th and 8th placed players in Division B at the close of Round Robin are automatically relegated from Season 2 of Grandmasters.
  • Final relegation will be determined via a 3-match Play-In involving the 7th and 8th placed from Division A, and 5th and 6th placed from Division B.
  • The winner of each Region's Playoff advances to the World Championship.

The Grandmasters

Flurry Shaxy tom60229 Alan870806
Bankyugi Kin0531 Surrender blitzchung
Ryvius TIZS glory posesi
Alutemu DawN che0nsu Tyler
Felkeine Zhym Viper Bunnyhopper
AyRoK Warma Rdu BoarControl
bozzzton Silvername Seiko Jarla
Swidz Casie Thijs xBlyzes
justsaiyan Eddie muzzy Empanizado
ETC fr0zen Zalae bloodyface
Briarthorn Nalguidan Monsanto Killinallday
Lnguagehackr NoHandsGamer Firebat Rami94

Asia-Pacific Region GM's

Asia-Pacific Region GM's

Europe Region GM's

Europe Region GM's

Americas Region GM's

Americas Region GM's


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