Quest Mage In Wild Might Get Another Nerf in the Future


Quest Mage In Wild Might Get Another Nerf in the Future

If you are playing Wild mode, you might've come across a lot of Quest Mages, who are really annoying to play against, mainly because of the Flamewaker and Sorcerer's Apprentice combo, but the Sorcerer's Apprentice alone can cause a lot of problems and create a huge tempo swing in early/mid rounds.

A Twitter user asked a Hearthstone developer (Cora) about her opinion about this problematic combo or deck in general and she replied with the following answers.

Q: What do you guys think about Sorcerer's Apprentice shenanigans' in wild? Do you think its acceptable the way it is now? (Talking about giants quest mage)
A: It's definitely on our radar. We hit Open the Waygate a while back, but we're very aware that it's a volatile situation and a few new cards could make things really unpleasant. SOURCE
A: We're not just going to leave Wild out to dry. If changes are necessary then we'll make them. SOURCE



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