Scholomance Academy Wild Combos


Scholomance Academy Wild Combos

Scholomance Academy is almost here! Everyone is looking forward to trying out new types of decks, especially along side currently existing cards. We, as well as many of you, have discovered several potential combos that will soon be possible. Here, we'll talk about some of the interesting synergies these new cards will have with cards some from Wild. 


Zilliax has always been a reliable minion. His value gets drastically larger when his stats are increased. Blessing of Authority provides the largest amount of stats that can be given to Zilliax on the same turn he’s played. Even though it takes all 10 Mana, the payoff is great. It deals 11 damage, restores 11 Health, and leaves a giant Lifesteal/Taunt minion behind at a minimum.

Without any support, Keymaster Alabaster will definitely give you the card your opponent draws at the start of their next turn. Since his cost will take up most of your turn, he’ll likely be removed the next turn unless you’re significantly ahead on the board. Forcing your opponent to draw cards in the same turn you play Alabaster will secure you more value. There are a few cards that force your opponent to draw cards, but the most efficient one is Naturalize. Its super cheap and also removes a minion at the same time.

Buffing every Beast in your deck is good when your deck has plenty of them. Being able to copy any Beast is a great option as well, but you need the right target already the board. Deathstalker Rexxar is notorious for creating some of the strongest Beasts in the game, and being able to copy any of them for 3 mana is extremely good value added on top of already powerful Zombeasts.

Felosophy adds an extra minion and +2/+2 worth of stats to your hand all for 1 Mana. Since hand buffs famously synergize with minions that summon copies of themselves, Doubling Imp is a good card to buff and duplicate. Both will summon 6/6 total stats for only 3 Mana.

Massive damage combos featuring Holy Wrath already exist, but Lorekeeper Polkelt allows you to reach that combo earlier in the game if you don’t have time to draw out your whole deck and shuffle your big minion back in.

While not all of the Death Knight spells are typically worth copying, the ones that are can have a serious impact when you can use them twice. It isn’t entirely reliable, but certainly worth noting or giving a shot.

Summoning frequent Jade Golems is a fairly strong win condition in Wild. Rogue however hasn’t been able to keep up with Druids or Shaman’s ability to consistently summon so many. Vectus can copy Jade Swarmer’s or Aya Blackpaw’s Deathrattle to effortlessly summon 2 more Jade Golems, creating a massive stat total for 5 Mana.


Professor Slate lets any spell that deals damage instantly kill any minion. Grievous Bite is the cheapest multi-target damage spell the Hunters have, being able to kill 3 minions with a 2 Mana spell is extremely efficient mid game.


Druids were given Twig of the World Tree without an easy way to destroy it. But now it’s possible to ramp all the way up to 10 Mana extremely early by detonating the Twig’s Deathrattle with this extremely cheap neutral weapon.


Kirin Tor Tricaster is a very cheap minion for having +3 Spell Damage. Normally the drawback is having to spend more Mana on your spells. But Ras Frostwhisper bypasses that restriction. You will be able to deal 4 damage to all enemies at the end of the turn. If they can’t get rid of them, this damage will continue to shred the opponent’s Health and board.


The largest spell you can cast in a normal circumstance is 7 Mana, allowing Speaker Gidra to become an 8/11 with Rush and Windfury. A fully upgraded Lesser Sapphire Spellstone can quadruple the value of such a threatening minion.

*It is unconfirmed if the copies also gain these stats. The possibility of this combo depends on how Spellburst interacts with spells that summon Spellburst minions.


Witchwood Grizzly’s stats are best used when you can summon it without triggering its Battlecry. Summoning a pair of 3/12 minions with Taunt for 7 Mana is a great defensive tactic. Giving them Rush is a nice little bonus as well.

This isn’t a Wild exclusive combo, but it’s one worth bringing up since some may not consider it. You’ll usually want to use a spell that kills multiple minions the same turn you play Headmaster Kel'Thuzad. However, most of the multi-target removal that cost 5 or less won’t always be able to kill everything. Shadow Word: Ruin destroys big minions regardless of remaining Health, and also won’t hurt Kel'Thuzad. These 2 cards can be used to destroy all 5+ Attack minions and claim them for yourself. Even your own high Attack minions that would be killed will be revived.

We hope you give some of these combos a shot. Maybe you'll even discover your own! There are always new ways to use your cards, so experiment away!



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