Hearthstone on iPad Price Increases, Deck Talk: Drink With Me Friend with Noxious

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Hearthstone on iPad Price Increases

On Wednesday, Apple's App Store Team sent out an email to app developers stating that there would be price increases in the EU, Canada, and Norway to make adjustments for EU VAT and foreign exchange rates. Due to this change, the price of Hearthstone packs have increased on these regional stores. Russian prices have also been increased, due to economic issues. Prices have not changed in the normal Hearthstone shop, just on iTunes/iPad!

Below we've got a table of the new pricing structures for Hearthstone on the iPad. According to the iTunes website, UK Arena Runs have not had a price increase and the UK prices in general didn't scale the same as the European ones. 

PurchaseUSA (USD)Canada (CAN)Europe (EUR)UK (GBP)Russia (RUB)
Arena $1.99 $2.29 (+0.30) €1.99 (+0.20) £1.49 119 p. (+53)
2 Packs $2.99 $3.49 (+0.50) €2.99 (+0.30) £2.29 (+0.30) 169 p. (+70)
7 Packs $9.99 $11.99 (+2.00) €9.99 (+1.00) £7.99 (+1.00) 599 p. (+270)
15 Packs $19.99 $22.99 (+3.00) €19.99 (+2.00) £14.99 (+1.00) 1190 p. (+541)
40 Packs $49.99 $57.99 (+8.00) €49.99 (+5.00) £39.99 (+5.00) 2990 p. (+1300)

Deck Talk: Drink With Me Friend with Noxious

In this week's Deck Talk, TheChiv had Noxious on again to discuss Noxious' midrange Warrior deck, Drink With Me Friend. Watch the video below, or head on over to the deck page to learn a bit about it.

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Drink With Me, Friend
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