Scholomance Academy Community AMA - Facts, Card Discussions & More


Scholomance Academy Community AMA - Facts, Card Discussions & More

We've prepared an article about recently answered questions on Reddit/Twitter from developers about the upcoming expansion - Scholomance Academy.

Note: Some questions/answers might be slightly edited to improve the reading experience, but their meaning should stay the same.

Q: I wouldn't be surprised if they keep Transfer Student updated with the next 4-5 boards before just putting one final effect on it for any boards it doesn't recognize.
A: This is basically correct. We plan to update Transfer Student with custom effects for new boards, while he is in Standard. After he rotates to Wild, new boards will get a consistent "Battlecry: Discover a <Expansion> card." for each board. Plans may change in the future, but that's what we're thinking right now, at least. [SOURCE]

Q: How will dual-class cards be handled in the collection?
A: They will appear in their classes rather than neutral. When you build a Druid deck, you'll see Druid/Hunter cards and Druid/Shaman cards in your class. If you're just flipping through your collection, you'll see them in both classes. [SOURCE]

Q: Talking about Dual Class setups...
AEach class will have access to 14 cards across their class (6 cards) and their two dual-class pairings (4 cards each). [SOURCE]

Q: How are the rarities divided among the 6 cards? I see that classes are still getting solo legendaries as well.
A2 Commons, 2 Rares, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary in the class itself.  [SOURCE]

Q: Do dual-class cards activate Vendetta?
A: They do not, they are still considered being from your class. [SOURCE]

Q: Does Devolving Missiles work with SpellPower? The way it is worded leads me to believe it adds + value to the devolve effect? (2) less etc.
A: I believe you're referring to the Spell Damage keyword... Devolving Missiles doesn't deal damage. [SOURCE]

Q: So... if I understood correctly.... dual-class legendaries are 10? For example, Druid will get 2 legendaries (like all exp) and one of those is a dual-class?
A: Each class has one pure-class Legendary, and each class-pairing has a dual-class Legendary. So there's a Druid Legendary, a Druid-Shaman Legendary, and a Druid-Hunter Legendary. In effect, each class has access to 3 class Legendaries! [SOURCE]

Q: How does Rattlegore work with N'Zoth, the Corruptor? Would we get the lower stated minion or would it be 9/9 across the board?
A: You'd get a 9/9, an 8/8, a 7/7, etc. Kind of like a series of Jade Golems, but in reverse. [SOURCE]

Q: Is It safe to assume that dual-class cards don't count against Pure Paladin? 
ALightforged Crusader (Pure Paladin) cards care about no Neutrals; dual-class cards aren't Neutral, so they're fine. [SOURCE]

Q: Can we get dual cards from Lightforged Crusader?
APriest/Paladin cards ARE Paladin cards, so you can get them from Lightforged Crusader, Discovers, etc. [SOURCE]

Q: How do dual-class cards interact with Rogue Burgle effects (Bazaar Burglary, Vendetta, etc.)?
A: "Another class" specifically means class cards that are not your class. So Dragon's Hoard, when played by a Rogue, could discover a Hunter/Druid card, but not a Mage/Rogue card. [SOURCE]

Q: Would the Mage/Rogue or Warrior/Rogue card in my deck (or discovered) reduce Vendetta to zero?
A: A Mage/Rogue or Warrior/Rogue card is still a Rogue card, so it would not count for Vendetta. [SOURCE]

Q: How golden dual-class cards are gonna look? Just all golden regardless?
A: Normal class goldens show their class color via the ribbon running down the center of the card (most noticeable at the bottom). Dual-class goldens are the same, except there are two smaller side-by-side ribbons. [SOURCE]

Q: Spellburst - Is it one time effect or is it once per turn effect?
ASpell burst is one time. [SOURCE]

Q: Can Devolving Missiles hit the same target multiple times?
ADevolving Missiles can hit the same target, just like Arcane Missiles. [SOURCE]

Q: Is Spellburst currently intended to be limited to Scholomance, or is it planned to be more evergreen (like Rush, Lifesteal, Discover) returning in future sets?
ASpecifically intended for Scholomance! We wanted something that really strongly tied to the theme of the set: Magic! [SOURCE]

Q: Can Wand Thief discover Devolving Missiles?
A: It’s a Mage spell, so Yes. [SOURCE]

Q: Does Rattlegore keep buffs? For instance, if you gave it Taunt would its resummons have Taunt?
A: No, he doesn't keep buffs when he dies. [SOURCE]

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