Grandmasters Week 4 - Featured Match Results & Decklists

The 2020 edition of the Hearthstone Grandmasters went into its fourth week this weekend. 48 of the best players in the world began the eight week event with a total of $500,000 and a ticket to the World Championship on the line. The action featured a drastically overhauled format which saw players start with Swiss Rounds previously and are now divided into groups and completing Round Robin stages.

This weekend saw the tried and true format of 4 Deck Conquest with 1 Ban. The way it works is that both players bring 4 decks, and both players ban 1 deck of their opponent. They then choose to play a deck of the remaining decks and every time they win with a deck it gets eliminated. Once either players wins with 3 decks, they win the match.

Video Recaps

Since we are posting our article close to the ending of Day 3, not all of the matches have been put onto YouTube yet, so check the official Hearthstone Esports YT Channel for the uploads later here!

Road to Playoffs

The Grandmasters started with 3 weeks of Swiss, where everyone scored points. Those points lead to players being divided into Groups A and Groups B. In every Region those Groups will fight in a Round Robin style over the next 4 weeks before the Playoffs and Relegation matches will be played. Who gets to go to the Playoffs and Relegations will be decided as shown in the graphic below.


Decklists & Recap


Our featured match this week between bloodyface and Justsaiyan saw the latter jump ahead 1-0 with a decisive Rogue win. Bloodyface then took the Demon Hunter mirror match to even the series, although Justsaiyan was only 3 damage off there to snatch the win. Bloodyface rolled on making quick work of Saiyan's Warlock deck with his Warrior deck which left him with his Rogue deck remaining to try and get the final win needed.

However, Justsaiyan managed to hold him off with his Demon Hunter deck, which let the series come down to Rogue vs Warlock in the final game. It turned out to be a great final game, with a close back and forth between the two till both were low on health. Through careful maneuvering Justsaiyan got bloodyface down to 1 health, but couldn't quite kill him. Bloodyface survived 1 turn and then finally drew his Galakrond. Playing that allowed him to get a 5/2 weapon and draw into a zero cost Kronx Dragonhoof which allowed him to snatch victory from an almost impossible position.

bloodyface's Americas Grandmasters Season 3 Decks:

Justsaiyan's Americas Grandmasters Season 3 Decks:


Our European feature between Swidz and Bunnyhoppor is a redo from last week's finals, except this time neither player is forced to play Shaman or Paladin! The series started with Bunnyhoppor on Rogue absolutely smashing Swidz on Warrior with a ridiculous 22/22 Edwin VanCleef on turn 5. Swidz and his Warrior got back the next game, which lead to Bunnyhoppor on a Demon Hunter against Swidz' Zoo Warlock deck which again went very one-sided to Bunnyhoppor.

It was then up to Swidz to stay alive with his Warlock deck against Bunnyhoppor's Highlander Mage deck. The game took many twists and turns and Swidz was incredibly unlucky to not draw his Soulfire 1 card earlier or to just have 1 more mana in his turn to use it, but it left Bunnyhoppor to win the game from 3 health remaining with a well timed Bloodlust from Zephrys.

Bunnyhoppor's Europe Grandmasters Season 3 Decks:

Swidz's Europe Grandmasters Season 3 Decks:


The Asia-Pacific featured match between glory and Surrender started off with the former on Demon Hunter and the latter on Zoo Warlock. Few turns in, and while faced with a choice between fighting for board and going face, glory chose to go face, which turned out to be the correct call in this case, because he lost control of the board anyway with how his opponent's turn went and this gave him just enough damage to finish his opponent 2 turns later. Glory also took game 2 with Rogue, against Surrender's Demon Hunter, although both players were very low on health and facing lethal at the end. This brough glory to 2-0 and one win away from deciding the match.

Surrender wasn't about to live up to his name however and fiercely fought back, first defeating glory's Spell Druid with his Demon Hunter and then with his Warlock to set up a final game showdown between the druid and his own Rogue. It was a tightly contested game, but alas for Surrender it turned out that 3rd time was the charm for glory and his Spell Druid. He ended up winning with a big board with Savage Roar to take down Surrender from full health plus 5 armor.

glory's Asia-Pacific Grandmasters Season 3 Decks:

Surrender's Asia-Pacific Grandmasters Season 3 Decks:



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