Firebat's The Pinnacle Winning Deck Lists, Goblins vs Gnomes Comics

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Epic Plays of the Week #10, Skin Spotlight: Winterveil Jaina
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Reminder: Less than a day remains to get your Gnome card back from ranked gameplay! Go get it on the other servers too.
Also: Have a great New Year's Eve! Hopefully you'll be ringing in the new year with some games of Hearthstone.. we will be! 

Firebat's The Pinnacle Winning Deck Lists

Firebat provided his winning deck lists from The Pinnacle tournament this past weekend over on the Twitter earlier today, so we added them to the deckbuilder to share with you!  The decks are named after other players who inspired or helped him create the decks. Remember, netdecking is okay!

VoDs from The Pinnacle can be found over on Amaz's Youtube Channel.

Now, go give Firebat a follow over on @Archon_Firebat if you use Twitter.

Goblins vs Gnomes Comics

Blizzard has posted a few GvG comics over the past couple of weeks on the official Hearthstone Facebook page and we've got a recap of them below.





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