All Card Changes! - Hall of Fame and Priest - Coming March 26th!

All Card Changes! - Hall of Fame and Priest - Coming March 26th!

One of the main recurring themes of a new rotation year is that several cards will be moved to the Hall of Fame. These changes will go into effect on Thursday March 26th 2020. Here are the affected cards for this year:

Hall of Fame

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    • Leeroy Jenkins is one of Blizzard’s most beloved characters, but his time has come. He just ends too many games, with too much neutral face damage, and hinders class identity.
  • Mountain Giant
    • Mountain Giant has been around as a deck enabler for a long time and Blizzard enjoys the decks he helped create. By rotating it allows them to fill that design space with new cards.
  • Mind Control Tech
    • Mind Control Tech is the kind of random effect that Blizzard no longer wants to promote in Standard, because it often brings out very negative feelings and big swings in game state.
  • Acolyte of Pain
    • Acolyte of Pain is one of the most popular forms of Card Draw in the game and it makes it hard to differentiate between classes.
  • Spellbreaker
    • Much like Acolyte of Pain, rotating Spellbreaker will allow Blizzard to fill the design space with different Silence cards.

Dean: Cards like Leeroy and Mountain Giant and Sylvanas and Ragnaros, are cards that are good in every Meta and as a result of that every expansion people are playing those same cards.

The whole point of doing an expansion is that you log in and things feel fresh and different and if the Basic and Classic set have those more universally strong cards that game play experience feels more stale.

Priest Changes

Blizzard had already hinted at this several months ago when Divine Spirit was a much used card in Standard at the end of Saviors of Uldum, but changes are coming to the Priest Basic and Classic set.

The main reason for this is that some of the cards in the Basic and Classic set no longer align with the class identity that Blizzard set out for the Priest class. They want Priests to be strong at control and fighting on the board. They hope to get closer to that vision with these changes they are making.

It starts with cards that need more change than just mana changes. They simply do not fit any longer with the class identity or are limiting design space. That is why the following cards will be moved to the Hall of Fame and replaced with new cards.


These are the cards they are being replaced with:

Mana & Mechanics Changes

That is not all however. To complete their vision, Blizzard also announced changes to the following cards, most of them are mana changes, but there’s some mechanical changes too, like Power Word: Shield no longer providing card draw:

HearthPwn: [Are you keeping a close eye on Priest performance, and would you be willing to make more aggressive changes if it turns out it’s necessary?]

Dean: Yeah, absolutely. I think we will make a little more aggressive changes than we have done in recent memory and this is even more true for Demon Hunter.

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