Hearthstone 2020 Showcase - Livestream!

Hearthstone 2020 Showcase - Livestream!

The day has finally arrived! Time for the Hearthstone 2020 showcase Livestream event.

Today we should learn about everything that the many streamers and content creators have been hyped about since last month, which Frodan said on twitter would "cement Hearthstone for the next decade".

The event will go live at 9am PT/12pm ET/17:00 CET/16:00 GMT!

Reveal Stream Summary

  • A mysterious symbol has appeared with the countdown. Kind of looks like...a firey bird? We are going to find out soon!
  • The new Year: The Year of the Phoenix!
  • Duplicate protection across rarities! Meaning no more duplicates until you have every card at least 2x in any rarity! Including common and rare and epic!
  • New Game modes! Blizzard would love to hear what you would like to see, but they have big plans!
  • Free PvE content! More Battlegrounds updates!
  • Ranked ladder upgrades!
  • A new way to play in Expansion 2!
  • Achievement system with Expansion 3! OMG

The 10th Class: Demon Hunter!

  • Click here to see our full Demon Hunter class breakdown!
  • Kibler joins the broadcast to start the discussion about Demon Hunter!
  • Why DH? They have talked about doing a new class for a few years and now is the time.
  • What is Demon Hunter's identity? Aggressive, brutal.
  • How do you turn that into a class? Starts with their Hero Power: Demon Claws: +1 Attack, it costs 1 mana!
  • DH has spells and weapons and cards that allow DH to attack.
  • Card Draw is a strength for Demon Hunter.
  • There's synergy cards where you can attack, and then get benefits from attacking, like summoning minions.
  • With attacking you lose health, DH will have chip healing through Lifesteal effects, but not actual heals.
  • 2nd Archetype for DH, Minion swarms!
  • DH doesn't buff their minions much, they use their deaths to empower themselves.
  • Deal damage and Card draw through their minions dying with certain cards!
  • DH have complicated relation with Demons. Demons respect power and sometimes swap allegiance.
  • 3rd Archetype for Demon Hunter: BIG demons
  • DH have ways to get their Demons out earlier.
  • They also have control tools to live to the later stages to get their BIG demons out.
  • Unique Demon Hunter Keyword: Outcast! Gain a bonus when DH play a card as their left or right most card
  • DH will have an Initiate set, is a sort of catch up to make up for all the sets other classes have.
  • You will play through an introduction and get the Initiate set.
  • Demon Hunter and all the starter cards will be FREE!

Hall of Fame and Changes to Priest

Ladder Updates

  • New ranked ranges: Bronze through Diamond, with Legend on top.
  • Every season reset to Bronze 10.
  • Get star bonus to make leveling back to your previous rank faster!
  • Every rank will have 3 stars.
  • Bonus works with win streak for double bonus!
  • More and better rewards!
  • Get card packs and rares and epics from the end of month chest!
  • First time rewards. First time reaching certain goals will get you immediate rewards, including getting a legendary for hitting Legend rank the first time!
  • New system will match people based on matchmaking rating (MMR).
  • Fewer unfair matches.

Catch up mechanics for returning players!

  • Returning players will play through an introduction with Illidan, as a Mage, where you get back up to speed with what's going on in Hearthstone.
  • Once completed you get a FREE DECK, totally yours, of the class of your choice.

New Expansion: Ashes of Outland

  • See our Ashes of Outland expansion overview and card list here!
  • Imprisoned Demons! Dormant for 2 turns, then awesome effects!
  • Primes: Powerful characters, who get shuffled back into your deck on death and come back with upgrades.
  • Kael'thas Sunstrider!
  • Imprisoned Demons can't be interacted with until they wake up, but both players can plan for it.
  • New threat on Outland: Rusted Legion!
  • Nostalgia cards, like Bulwark of Azzinoth!
  • Kael'thas is coming to Hearthstone TODAY for FREE. Log in right now to claim!
  • Prepurchase live today
  • Priest Update and Hall of Fame: March 26th
  • Ranked Play Overhaul: April 1st (probably not a joke :p )
  • Demon Hunter prologue: April 2nd
  • Ashes of Outland expansion release: April 7th!


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