Dean Ayala on Potential Battlegrounds Reward / Progression System

Dean Ayala on Potential Battlegrounds Reward / Progression System

You may have heard there was a special Summit meeting with the Hearthstone team last month for creators to learn about upcoming content to game, during which we had a chance to sit down with Dean "IksarHS" Ayala for an interview!

As you can imagine, much of that interview dealt with things we are not able to reveal just yet, but there was 1 particular answer that we can share early as a small sneak-peak, and which is highly relevant with last week's big Battlegrounds patch.

If you thought this Battlegrounds Dragons patch was big, it's apparently not even quite as big as Blizzard is aiming for! It would seem the future of Hearthstone Battlegrounds holds not only larger patches, but hopefully an 8 player lobby for friends and tournament organizers as well! And though it may be a ways off given the mode is still in beta, it sounds like we may very well see a progression system added to Battlegrounds in the future. This could greatly strengthen the mode's longevity, especially with fun/compelling player goals to keep things interesting.

Here's our question and Dean's answer, in full:

HearthPwn: Are there any plans to introduce a leaderboard or a reward structure to the Battlegrounds game mode?

Dean Ayala: I think over the next year we have big plans for Battlegrounds. The first thing we want to nail is the content pipeline. Like, how often are we changing things. That can be Hero Balance, that can be content update. I think the content patch that is coming, the Dragons patch, is probably like 75% to 85% of what we would want a big content update to be. So I think in the future you can expect big content updates around the same time you get expansion updates, so every 3 or 4 months. And then in between them we are going to do tons of Hero Balance, tons of card changes and that sort of thing.

Battlegrounds probably launched before it really had that final level of polish. I think it still has the beta tag on it for a reason. So we'd love to add some progression systems, love to add some goals for different players to hit. There’s just a bunch of features that we want to do first, like for instance getting 8 player lobbies, so you can queue up with your friends, but also for organizers outside of Blizzard to also make their own tournaments and broadcast those for people to watch. So that’s really the first feature. We’d love to do more, but that’s going to take some time.

If you liked this interview question, stay tuned as there's lots more to come once we're able to reveal it!



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