Hearthstone Wins Best Mobile GOTY, Warsong Commander Bugged, Deck Talk: TheChiv & Spark GvG Theorycraft

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Hearthstone Wins Best Mobile Game of the Year - The Game Awards 2014

Eric Dodds was present this evening at the inaugural Game Awards to accept the award for Best Mobile / Handheld Game of the Year! Other games in the category were Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Monument Valley, Bravely Default, and Threes! Congratulations to the Hearthstone team!

Warsong Commander Bugged

Rolkyr stated on the official forums this afternoon that Warsong Commander is indeed bugged. He is still looking into clarification on the current intentions of the commander, and hopefully we'll have an update to share soon.

Quote from Rolkyr

Previously when you had this card on board and you killed (in your turn) the harvest golem, the summoned damaged golem took haste. At the moment it doesn't and it happens the same with the haunted creeper. Is it a bug or is it on purpose?
It is currently bugged now. As to how it should be working when the bug is fixed, for each interaction, I am having that discussion now with Dev. Just making sure there are no intended changes or what not. I will let you all know what I get all info together.

Deck Talk: TheChiv & Spark GvG Theorycraft

Things are a bit different this week on Deck Talk! TheChiv was joined by Sparkaz to discuss some of Spark's deck ideas using plenty of the cards from Goblins vs Gnomes. Check out the video below, and the Zoo Mechrattle and Deadly Beasts decks.

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[Spark] Demonic Zoo (S9 + BRM Update)
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[Spark] Beasty Zoo (GvG)
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Goblins vs Gnomes Cards

Our card database now has all of the Goblins vs Gnomes cards and they're also available for use in our deckbuilder. Go make your awesome Goblins vs Gnomes deck and share it over on our forums

All the cards can be found on our dedicated Goblins vs Gnomes info page, or can be viewed in our card database.



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