Zephrys Decision Logic for 10+ Mana Minions will be Changing


Zephrys decision logic will be improved in certain scenarios

There was a disappointing moment in the Masters Tour Arlington tournament, when Zephrys didn't offer a single target removal (Big Game Hunter or Shadow Word: Death) or a board clear (Twisting Nether) against Shirvallah, the Tiger on the board, but instead offered:

1) Pyroblast
2) Faceless Manipulator
3) Mind Control

After a long discussion on Twitter, Celestalon confirmed that there will be a new approach to what Zephrys offers in these situations.

Quote from blizzard

We're going to teach Zephrys that costs over 10 are likely not really indicative of value, in a later patch.

Here's the full Twitter thread for context:

 If you want to see this situation yourself, here is the VOD:



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