Mike Donais Departs Hearthstone Team?



Mike Donais shared some information about his position with Blizzard and involvement with Hearthstone

Today we learned of another hit to the Hearthstone development team, as our beloved Game Designer Mike Donais announced (in Twitch chat) his departure from Hearthstone, but also shares that he remains in Blizzard.

Here you can see all the relevant messages he posted in Twitch chat while he was watching Dog:


Dean "IksarHS" Ayala has responded to a reddit post about the whole situation

Quote from Dean Ayala

Mike is OP. He still gives us advice and just recently pitched us a robo-murloc design for battlegrounds even though he had already moved on from the team. Thanks Mike, I know we can always count on you for murloc designs and murloc related puns.

Battlegrounds is now a responsibility of the card design team, so the same team that works on expansions will now also handle content production for that game mode.



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