Lunar New Year Celebration - Quests and Tavern Brawl

Lunar New Year Celebration - Quests and Tavern Brawl

Blizzard is ringing in the Lunar New Year on January 29th with 8 special themed quests that give dust and gold as well as a special themed Tavern Brawl! Read all about it below:

Quote from blizzard

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Hearthstone!

We’re stringing the lights to kick off the Lunar New Year in style! Beginning January 29th, the tavern will celebrate with a new Tavern Brawl, themed quests, and rewards!


New Tavern Brawl: Lunar Blessings

Tavern Brawl: Lunar Blessings

Good fortune is coming your way this Lunar New Year! In this Tavern Brawl, you’ll start by choosing a class, and you’ll be given a random deck. Each class also has the choice between three different Blessings: buffs that will carry into your game and give you an advantage. You’ll have to choose wisely to find the right animal to best support your strategy. 

Blessing of the Rat Blessing of the Ox Blessing of the Tiger Blessing of the Rabbit Blessing of the Dragon Blessing of the Snake Blessing of the Horse Blessing of the Sheep Blessing of the Monkey Blessing of the Rooster Blessing of the Dog Blessing of the Pig


Quests and Rewards

During the event, you’ll also have the opportunity to complete eight different special themed quests, each one rewarding both gold and dust! These also start January 29th, so don’t miss out!


Be sure to give your opponents a festive greeting with Lunar New Year emotes! The Lunar New Year Event will run from January 29th to February 12th.



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