Road to Northrend is This Week's Tavern Brawl

This week's brawl is Road to Northrend!

This Brawl has been replaced due to issues: New Brawl News Post Here. The plan is for it to return next week!


For the final Conflict against E.V.I.L., Reno Jackson must conjure a portal to Northrend! If only he knew how...

This is a special Adventure Brawl, a preview of the upcoming Galkrond's Awakening Adventure! You get to play through an 8 boss Adventure, in the usual Dungeon Run style.


The info from user Mugen8: "Got a pack for completing the first fight. On completion of the run I got nothing extra - did it in 32m58s, and in the time result box it says "how low can you go?" - but doesn't mention anything about potential rewards for a sub-30 run, so I imagine it's just the one pack this week."

Quote from Blizzard

We're aware of an issue with this week's brawl that's affecting the ability of some people to connect to the game.

We're working on a fix and hope to have an update soon.

Quote from Blizzard

We’ve temporarily disabled the Road to Northrend tavern brawl to address some issues, and swapped in Pick a Hand, Any Hand for this week's brawl.

We expect to have the Road to Northrend brawl back online next week.

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