Late Update from Patch 16.0 Regarding Evolve Mechanic


 Blizzard just told us more about Evolve mechanic changes, that were forgotten in the latest 16.0 patch

  • You can now Devolve 0 mana minions into new ones.
  • You can now Evolve 10+ mana minions into the same mana-cost minions.

You might be asking, but is that even good? What does It change?

  • You are now able to re-roll (0) mana "12/12" Frog or magnetized Target Dummy with Devolve into other (0) mana cards.
  • You are now able to re-roll Giants into fresh copies. In other words, you'll "Heal" your Giants and remove any Buffs/Debuffs from them.
  • You are now able to play Shirvallah, the Tiger, Rush (trade) and Heal for 7 HP, re-roll into a new, fresh copy of Shirvallah, the Tiger and you can Rush (trade) again and Heal for another 7 HP! (Divine Shield will be refreshed too with the re-roll!)
  • You are now able to remove Taunt from 10+ mana (or 0 mana) minions with Devolve (mainly giants and buffed Frog/Target Dummy).

These are the cards we are talking about:


Quote from Blizzard

Cards that “transform a minion into a random one that cost (1) more/less”, like Evolve or Devolve, will now always re-roll the minion, even if no minion exists in the target-cost minion pool. The minion will be re-rolled at the nearest possible cost.




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