Top 3 is This Week's Tavern Brawl

This week's brawl is Top 3!


Let's mix it up a bit, shall we? Pick 3 cards and we'll make you a deck with ten copies of each card.


A Classic Card pack.

Have a really strong deck for this Brawl? Build it in our Deckbuilder and add a good guide, then mark it as a Tavern Brawl deck for the current Brawl while saving and share it with the world!

Blizzard posted about the issues some people are still having with the Brawl as well as people being denied rewards, which they intend to make right.

Quote from Blizzard

Hey Folks,

As mentioned yesterday in this post, we came across some major issues that resulted in us needing to disable Tavern Brawl. Right now, we are re-enabling Tavern Brawl and have swapped it over to a new one, Top Three.

NOTE: We have identified an issue in which some players may still be unable to play Tavern Brawl. The team is working to resolve this as soon as we can.

In addition, this Tavern Brawl was something that players needed to buy into and offered rewards that some players have been unable to claim. This isn’t OK and we intend to make it right for players. Stay tuned for more details soon!


The Hearthstone Team

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