Brawliseum - Battle of the Bans is This Week's Tavern Brawl

This week's brawl is Brawliseum - Battle of the Bans!

Blizzard just announced that this Brawl will be disabled and a different one brought in tomorrow due to issues with it. Readtheir full statement below:

Quote from Blizzard
Hi all - we’ve temporarily disabled the Tavern Brawl mode and expect it to return tomorrow, Thursday the 14th. Some players were encountering some issues after matches have concluded, and these were serious enough that we wanted to take the mode down entirely.

We’re planning to bring the mode back tomorrow and will be rotating in a different Tavern Brawl for the rest of the week. We’ll provide an update at that time to let everyone know that the mode has been enabled again and give you a heads up of what Tavern Brawl we’ve rotated in. <


The Ban Battle has reached the Brawliseum! Pick four cards. Your opponent will BAN one of them, then we will make you a deck full of the cards remaining.


The first run is free of charge, but the rest requires an entry fee!


More wins means better rewards!
Have a really strong deck for this Brawl? Build it in our Deckbuilder and add a good guide, then mark it as a Tavern Brawl deck for the current Brawl while saving and share it with the world!

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