Descent of Dragons - Card Reveal Schedule Released



Card Reveal Schedule Released

Earlier today, Blizzard released the official Card Reveal Schedule for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Descent of Dragons! The schedule shows 45 reveals, with the first beginning on November 21st! Of course we always get surprise reveals in between, and a large batch at the end, so this won't cover all of the remaining cards but it will be a significant portion.

Another thing to note, they have not yet linked the sources on all of these as we're still more than 2 weeks out, but our Descent of Dragons Expansion Guide will be updated once the remaining sources are released. We also have a live widget on the front page to track each upcoming reveal and keep you in the loop! With all that said, here are the 45 scheduled card reveals for Descent of Dragons:

Card Reveal Schedule & Countdown Timers



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