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Frequently asked questions regarding Descent of Dragons expansion...

[Q] -> Can you play multiple Sidequests at the same time?
[A] -> You can have 2 in your deck, but like secrets, while one is active you can’t play the second copy of it.

[Q] -> Does Questing Explorer work with Sidequests?
[A] -> Yes.

[Q] -> Can Sidequests be generated by other cards (Magic Trick for example)?
[A] -> Yes, since Sidequests are more broadly completeable by nearly any deck of their class, they can be generated/Discovered.

[Q] -> Can Deathwing, Mad Aspect clear newly reborned or resurrected minions? (eg. If opponent has Restless Mummy on board, can he also clear the reborned copy?)
[A] -> He’ll attack all minions that were on the board when he was played, he won’t attack things that were created by their Deathrattles/Reborn.

[Q] -> If we are playing the Nozdormu the Timeless at 4 mana, are we going to get 6 mana 0 mana or 10 mana to spare?
[A] -> Nozdormu the Timeless *sets* both players to 10 max mana, doesn’t change your current available mana amount. If you’re at 4/4 and play it, then you’re at 0/10. If you’re at 7/7 and play it, then you’re at 3/10.

[Q] -> Is the Virtual Ticket legendary also counted into the expansion legendaries pool? So are we going to get only 4 more neutral ones?
[A] -> Yes there only 4 more Neutral Legendaries.

[Q] -> Are we going to also get golden Galakronds for free or are we supposed to craft them?
[A] -> No, Golden Galakronds are only craftable and disenchantable.

[Q] -> The EVIL classes will contain 3 legendaries this time?
[A] -> Yes.

[Q] -> The total number of cards in this expansion will be 140 this time, right?
[A] -> Yes.

[Q] -> Will Galakronds show up in packs?
[A] -> No, they won't.

[Q] -> Will the free 5 Galakronds be disenchantable?
[A] -> No, they won't.

[Q] -> What will happen after the 90 days period for the free Galakrond copies? Can we open them in packs after?
[A] -> They won’t show up in packs, they work like C’Thun. After the 90 days if you own a Descent of Dragons pack and you head to the pack opening screen you’ll get them.

[Q] -> Does anyone know if non-golden Sathrovarr will be given to everybody?
[A] -> Non-golden Sathrovarr will be given to everyone free!

[Q] -> Any news about Tyrande?
[A] -> We are still planning on giving it away free this year.

[Q] -> Will Hearthstone Battlegrounds have a cost/prize structure similar to arena? I also saw "points" being awarded to the player, will it have it's own ladder format?
[A] -> There is no cost but It has It's own MMR and matchmaking.

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