Masters Tour: Bucharest - Results and Decklists

The final stop on the 2019 Masters Tour has concluded with the Bucharest event taking place this past weekend. 287 players competed for their share of the $500,000 purse and a shot at joining Hearthstone's elite in next year's Grandmasters. With the Masters Tour now completed, we move to the last event of the competitive season: the Global Finals at BlizzCon.

See below for results, decklists for the top 4, and a recap of your new Grandmasters for the 2020 season.

The VOD of day 3's action can be seen here.
The VOD of the final match between kin0531 and Eddie can be seen here.


kin0531 3
hone 2
totosh 3
Orange 2
kin0531 3
totosh 2


Eddie 3
SNBrox 0
Hunterace 1
DeadDraw 3
Eddie 3
DeadDraw 2



kin0531 1
Eddie 3

Eddie's Bucharest Masters Tour Winner Decks:

kin0531's Bucharest Masters Tour Runner Up Decks:

totosh's Bucharest Masters Tour Decks:

DeadDraw's Bucharest Masters Tour Decks:


Six players have earned their chance to compete in the 2020 Grandmasters season based on their total earnings through the Masters Tour. They will replace the players relegated at the end of Grandmasters Season 2.


  • Empanizado
  • 23rd place at Masters Tour: Bucharest (7-2)
  • 5th place 2017 Summer Championship

  • lnguagehackr
  • 38th place Masters Tour: Bucharest (6-3)
  • 1st place 2018 Fall Championship


  • Felkeine
  • 1st place Masters Tour: Seoul
  • 71st Masters Tour: Bucharest (5-4)

  • Zhym
  • 2nd place Masters Tour: Seoul
  • 93rd Masters Tour: Bucharest (5-4)


  • posesi
  • 4th place Masters Tour: Las Vegas
  • 21st Masters Tour: Bucharest (7-2)

  • kin0531
  • 2nd place Masters Tour: Bucharest
  • Top 8 at APAC Summer Championship 2018


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