This Week's Free Items & Offering Rate Arena Update


Blizzard just announced adjustments to the arena mode
Also, don't forget to claim your FREE Arena ticket this week and more!


Arena adjustments:

Quote from Chakki

We've adjusted class card offering rates for the duration of Dual Class Arena to be about triple what they were previously. Around half of the cards offered per draft should be class cards now.

If you want to know the source, just click on that "Chakki" text in the quote header.
You can also read what other players thoughts are.


What you can do this week to get everything FREE possible:

  • Tavern Brawl
    • Complete a run in under 1 hour and receive a Golden Temple Berserker
    • Complete a run in under 40 minutes to earn a Golden Generous Mummy
    • Win your first match to get a Classic Pack
  • Legendary Quest
    • Rewarding you with 2 packs - First from Witchwood, Second from Saviors of Uldum
  • Free Arena Ticket
    • If you are the most unlucky person ever, you will still get 1 pack (probably from Saviors of Uldum) and 30 dusts or 30 golds (or random rare/common), so you always profit!
  • Arena?
    • Yes, you can make some really good profit from arena right now, after the Arena offering rate update, because you will be more likely to get the most powerful cards from the Hearthstone universe such as Ultimate Infestation, Sunkeeper Tarim, Dr. Boom, Voidlord and much more!
    • Just keep in mind that your opponents are going to have nuts decks too, so be prepared!


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